Overwatch 2 tier list

With our Overwatch 2 tier list you can discover who the best characters are for each class, so you and your friends can form the ultimate squad

Overwatch 2 tier list - Tracer, and Overwatch 2 characters, standing in front of a cityscape background. They have short black hair, orange goggles, and a white and black outfit

Overwatch 2 invites you to once again enter the chaotic arena in squad-based combat, where the only way to secure victory is to work as a team and have a squad that features a range of heroes from different classes. It’s going to be cold on the floor, and if you don’t have a healer, that’s where you’re likely to stay after the opposition shoots you down.

Luckily for you, we’re here with our Overwatch 2 tier list in which we rank all of the current Overwatch 2 characters across each class, so you know who can make the difference on the battlefield. Of course, as with any tier list, this is subjective, so if we place your favourite hero in rank C, don’t let that stop you from using them to kick some serious butt.

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Anyway, here’s our Overwatch 2 tier list.

Overwatch 2 tier list - Screenshot of Genji in one of the new mythical Overwatch 2 skins with a cyber demon style

Overwatch 2 tier list

We’ve put together a general ranking that features all of the characters and then split them into three respective categories for those that are after a specific role in battle.

Overwatch 2 general tier list

Rank Overwatch 2 characters
S Tracer, Lucio, Soldier 76, Genji, Doomfist
A Moira, Kiriko, Junker Queen, Reaper
B Sombra, DVA, Ana, Reinhardt, Orisa, Sigma, Sojourn, Winston
C Zarya, Mei, Baptise, Cassidy, Ashe, Winston, Echo, Symmetra, Pharah
D Wrecking Ball, Bastion, Mercy, Zenyatta, Widowmaker, Brigette, Torbjorn
E Roadhog, Junkrat

Overwatch 2 tank tier list

Rank Overwatch 2 characters
S Doomfist
A Reinhardt, Junker Queen
B Orisa, DVA, Winston
C Sigma, Zarya
D Wrecking Ball
E Roadhog

Overwatch 2 DPS tier list

Rank Overwatch 2 characters
S Tracer, Soldier 76
A Ashe, Genji, Cassidy, Sojourn
B Sombra, Echo, Reaper
C Widowmaker, Bastion, Mei, Symmetra
D Pharah
E Junkrat

Overwatch 2 support tier list

Rank Overwatch 2 characters
S Lucio, Mercy
A Ana
B Kiriko, Baptiste, Moira
D Brigette, Sojourn
E Zenyatta

There you have it, our Overwatch 2 tier list. If you’re after more titles to play with friends, you can’t go wrong with our best Switch multiplayer games list.