Persona 4 Kanji’s personality, voice actors, and more

In our Persona 4 Kanji guide, we take a look at the teenage delinquent, and dive into his personality, skills, voice actors, and who he is.

Persona 4 Kanji: Kanji leaping in the air wearing a grey vest top, yellow headband, and black trousers and pointing at the camera.

Besides the fact that it’s an all-around solid JRPG, Persona 4 features some of the most fascinating characters in the genre, and that includes Persona 4 Kanji. Since we kinda love Kanji – who doesn’t love a bad boy, honestly –  we just had to take a deeper look at the guy we’re so enamoured with, so that means we dive into his personality, who he is exactly, what his skills are, and who his voice actors are. And no, as much as it breaks our hearts to say this, you can’t romance Kanji.

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Anyway, onto what makes Persona 4’s Kanji so amazing.

Who is Persona 4’s Kanji?

Kanji is the youngest member of the Investigation Team, and is a first-year student at Yasogami high school. Yes, we know this is quite surprising since he certainly doesn’t look like a student, much less a first-year. Unfortunately for Kanji, the reason he becomes a hero and joins the ragtag group is that he himself is a victim of the killer, but the Investigation Team shows up to save him just in the nick of time.

Persona 4 Kanji: A graphic of Kanji and his Persona on a black and yellow background.

Persona 4 Kanji’s personality

Kanji is known as a troublemaker due to his rough attitude and delinquent behaviour, yet this isn’t entirely true of who Kanji is. He’s actually very respectful, obeys his mother, and isn’t a fan of violence, but can certainly stop a fight should one start. Furthermore, he’s in touch with his feminine side, though a rather unpleasant father made it clear to him that hobbies that are perceived as ‘feminine’ aren’t for him, even activities such as painting.

What are Persona 4 Kanji’s skills?

In combat, Kanji favours the use of shields and tables, so it’s fair to say he has quite a defensive approach to combat. However, his skills are:

  • Dizzy boost – increased chance of inflicting dizzy
  • Masukunda – all foes get a decrease to evasion for three turns
  • Power charge – next physical attack is 250% greater in power
  • Regenerate three – restores 6% of HP each battle
  • Evade wind – triples your evasion rate with wind attacks

Persona 4 Kanji: Kanji's graphic for Persona 4 Arena' He's holding a folding chair and looks angry. The background is purplem with red and white accents.

Kanji bike skills:

  • Media – party gets a slight restore to health
  • Atom smasher – deal physical damage with a chance of causing fear
  • Blue wall – an ally gets electric resistance
  • Fast heal – halves the time you need for recovery items
  • Mediarama – partly restore the party’s HP

Who is Persona 4 Kanji’s voice actor?

Tomokazu portrays the character in the Japanese version, while Troy Baker takes up the mantle in the English version.

There you have it, a rundown on Persona 4’s Kanji. If you can’t wait to play the game again, you can stay up to date with the latest details through our Persona 4 Switch release date guide.