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Persona 4 Rise guide

Persona 4’s Rise is a beautiful and energetic character, so we just had to take a look at her personality, romance, who she is, and more.

Persona 4 Rise: Rise in her romance outfit smiling and blushing at the camera. She is outlined in white and pasted on a blurred Persona 4 background.

Persona 4 Rise is one of the game’s main characters, and is a beautiful and enigmatic idol on the fast-track to superstardom. In a bid to help you discover a little bit more about her, we put this guide together. We’ll  explain who she is and, naturally, how you can romance this vivacious flirt. We’ll also explore her effervescent personality and how she fares in combat, as well as take a look at her various voice actors.

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Anyway, here’s everything you need to know about Persona 4’s Rise.

Persona 4 Rise: Promotional art of Rise wearing glasses and reaching out to the viewer on a colourful background with the P4G logo in the bottom left corner.

Who is Persona 4’s Rise?

Rise Kujikawa is a first-year student at Yasogami High School, but more than that, she’s an idol on the rise, which means she’s pretty well known and her fame only continues to grow.

Admittedly, it’s quite surprising that she chooses to stay in Murderville, but that’s her decision, and it does result in her becoming a member of the Investigation Team, who she initially meets when they warn Rise that she could be a target for the murderer.

What is Rise’s personality?

Rise is pretty outspoken, so she says what she thinks when she thinks it, has a pretty out-there personality, but is also a cheerful individual despite being a bit boastful and big-headed due to her success.

However, underneath there’s an awesome person, one that’s sweet and considerate of others. She can also be overly dramatic, easily annoyed, and likely to act like the world is ending at the smallest inconvenience, though.

What are Rise’s skills?

As with the majority of the cast in Persona 4, you can unlock a variety of skills for Rise via her social link, including:

  • Weakness scan – reveal an enemies affinity when the battle begins
  • Full analysis – discover enemy stats
  • Third eye – reveal the effectiveness of an attack
  • Healing wave – the party recovers 5% HP after a battle
  • Stamina song – the party recovers 10% HP after a battle

When it comes to all-out attack, you can increase its rank to further impact how it performs in battle. In essence, Rise offers support to those around her, instead of being one that can lead the charge.

Persona 4 Rise: A screenshot of Rise talking to Yu in Persona 4, surrounded by tables.

How do I romance Rise?

Unsurprisingly, Rise is a romance option in Persona 4, and as she’s a somewhat popular character, you might want to see how a relationship with her pans out. So to romance her, you simply need to hang out with her via her social link. Yes, it’s as simple as that, providing you say the right things to her, though honestly, the majority of answers you give provide the same increase to your social standing with her.

Just keep Rise’s personality in mind, be fun, indulge her, and before you know it, you can max out her social link and make her your girlfriend. However, a couple of things to bear in mind are that you can only hang out with Rise on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, and it can’t be raining.

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