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Persona 4 Teddie guide

Wondering who Persona 4 Teddie is? Bear with us and we'll explain everything about this bear-utiful fan favorite now that Golden is on the Nintendo Switch.

Persona 4 characters: Teddie pasted onto a Persona 4 colourful background.

We can bear-ly believe it, the Persona games are finally out on Nintendo Switch. This means that one fan favorite is also on the platform, so what do we know about Persona 4 Teddie? Teddie and his bear puns have earned them a place in the hearts of many Persona fans all over the world. If you want to know more about Persona 4’s Teddie, bear with us, as we’ll have all the details ready fur you just below.

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Let’s dive into our guide on everyone’s favorite clown/bear hybrid, Persona 4’s Teddie.

Persona 4 Teddie: A screenshot shows Teddie - the bear and clown hybrid - from Persona 4 The Golden

Who is Persona 4’s Teddie?

One of the main elements of Persona 4 Golden is the characters going into a TV World, and an area called The Midnight Channel. This is where the protagonist and other characters discover Teddie, an anthropomorphic mixture of a bear and a clown who serves as their loyal guide throughout the TV World from there on out.

With an energetic personality and a love for bear puns, Teddie is a constant joker and serves up a lot of the comedy found in the game. Teddie also works in support of the party, as he also wants to solve the murders plaguing Inaba and settle the unrest being caused in the TV World.

What is Teddie’s personality?

Being a shadow from the TV World, Teddie is unfamiliar with humans or human-like customs. He acts naively and often a little weirdly around human characters. Despite this, he’s often jovial, fun, and tries to lighten the mood for the team. Teddie also absolutely loves making bear puns (in the English language translation of the Persona 4 game and anime), and even refers to his Persona as a Bear-sona.

Like many other Persona characters, Teddie has insecurities surrounding his own identity and often questions what his reason for existing is. As Teddie slowly regains his memories, he has existential trouble reconciling with the idea of what his true self is. Teddie also carries a lot of respect for the members of The Investigation Squad, constantly calling the protagonist Sensei.

Persona 4 Teddie: Teddie in an Elvis costume dancing on a pink dancefloor from a Persona dancing game.

What are Teddie’s skills?

Sadly, Teddie is not the best member of the team, acting as support mostly and often outclassed by other characters. His healing abilities are outclassed by Yosuke, he’s not strong enough to be a tank, and he’s barely better than Persona 4’s Chie when it comes to spells.

Still, he’s good for buffs if nothing else, and is guaranteed to have his Persona evolve later in the game, so you will have at least one Ultimate Persona on your side for those final challenges.

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