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Persona 5 Kaneshiro codes

Perform the perfect heart heist with this list of Persona 5 Kaneshiro codes, featuring all the PINs you need to unlock the safes in Kaneshiro's Palace.

Persona 5 Kaneshiro codes - Kaneshiro in front of his palace

Persona 5 is full of tricky tasks and stumping scenarios, but the number-based puzzles in Kaneshiro’s Palace can be a real challenge when you’re focused on pulling off the perfect heist. Luckily, we’ve got all the Persona 5 Kaneshiro codes right here for you, so all you need to do is bash them into those number pads and get on with your phantom thievin’.

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Persona 5 Kaneshiro codes

After you pass the money laundering offices inside Kaneshiro’s Palace, you head into a huge vault chamber underground. Inside, you find multiple PIN pads you need to use in order to open the different tumblers. You can find clues to each of the PINs from the torn pages of Kaneshiro’s journal, hidden in piggy banks in the dungeons off the main passage.

Here are each of the clues:

  • Kaneshiro’s journal – R=C=0, I=1, H=2
  • Torn page one – P=1
  • Torn page two – E=9, A=3
  • Torn page three – U=A (so U=3)
  • Torn page four – G=P (so G=1)
  • Torn page five – O+H=10 (so O=8)
  • Torn page six – L=U+G (so L=4), D=G (so D=1)

If we take this information and the words inscribed on each of the panels, we can deduce that the PINs you need are as follows.

  • Panel one (RICH) – 0102
  • Panel two (REAP) – 0931
  • Panel three (HUGE) – 2319
  • Panel four (GOLD) – 1841

And there we have it – all the Persona 5 Kaneshiro codes required to get through Kaneshiro’s Palace. If you’re eager to share these PINs with all your fellow Phantom Thieves, be sure to check out our Whatsapp download and Discord download guides.