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Pokémon Café Mix Golden Acorns: how to get them for free

Follow these tips to get all of the Pokémon Café Mix Golden Acorns you need!

Pokémon Café Mix Golden Acorns are the sole currency, which allow you to purchase extra lives and power-ups. You can purchase these using your actual cash but chances are that if you’ve arrived on this page you’d really rather just get them for free. Fortunately for you, there are a multitude ways to do this, and we’re going to detail them in this guide.

Not only that, but we’ll also detail how you can get them in a cost-effective manner if you do decide to purchase them, and we’ll provide spending tips so the few you do have go a long way. Because, while getting free things is nice, often the better way to approach it is to make the most of what you’ve already got.

So please find all of the information you need to know about Pokémon Café Mix Golden Acorns below. You can also learn exactly what we think of The Pokémon Company’s latest mobile game in our Pokémon Café Mix review, and get some more general tips by reading our Pokémon Café Mix guide. We’ve gone a bit Poké-crazy this week, in all honesty.

Here’s how to get free Pokémon Café Mix golden acorns:

What are Golden acorns?

Golden Acorns are the sole currency in Pokémon Café Mix, which you can spend on extra lives and power-ups. You can both earn Golden Acorns for free, which we’ll get onto shortly, but you can also purchase them directly using your genuine cash.

Here are the different Golden Acorn purchase options currently on offer:

  • 1,200: $0.99/£0.99
  • 6,100: $4.99/£4.99
  • 12,200: $9.99/£9.99
  • 24,400: $19.99/£19.99

You can also purchase the following bundles, which include Golden Acorns and more:

Name Contents Price
Special Pikachu Pack
  • 4,900 Golden Acorns
  • Sweets Pikachu
  • Skill Plus x3
  • Megaphone Maker x6
Acorns Every Day Pack
  • 9,800 Golden Acorns
  • 900 Golden Acorns x30 (once per day)
Item Pack A
  • 2,500 Golden Acorns
  • Skill Plus x1
Item Pack B
  • 8,600 Golden Acorns
  • Skill Plus x1
  • Megaphone Maker x1
  • Helping Paw x1
  • Whistle x1
Item Pack C
  • 19,600 Golden Acorns
  • Skill Plus x2
  • Megaphone Maker x4
  • Helping Paw x2
  • Whistle x2
Item Pack D
  • 39,200 Golden Acorns
  • Skill Plus x5
  • Megaphone Maker x10
  • Helping Paw x5
  • Whistle x5
Item Pack E
  • 100,000 Golden Acorns
  • Skill Plus x12
  • Megaphone Maker x24
  • Helping Paw x12
  • Whistle x24

How to get free golden acorns:

Now that you understand what Golden Acorns are, let’s take a look at how you can get them for free.

Get your daily stamps

While the reward varies, you can get a lot of free Golden Acorns simply by logging in each and every day. Each day you open Pokémon Café Mix, you get a daily stamp. This provides you with a reward, which often includes Golden Acorns.

You also occasionally receive extra rewards based on how many times you’ve logged in over a set period, with the current reward being Sweets Pikachu.

Complete challenge cards

Challenge cards provide you with a bunch of free Golden Acorns for completing a series of tasks. These vary from using café skills to performing combos, and don’t take particularly long to complete. What’s not clear though, is how often these challenges reset.

Serve orders

Each time you serve an order, the Pokémon that requested it will, naturally, pay you for it. What do they pay with? Golden Acorns, of course! So, if you’re trying to stockpile them, you’ll want to try and complete as many levels as possible.

Try to beat orders in as few moves as possible

While completing as many levels as possible will provide you with a bunch of Golden Acorns, you can substantially increase this number by beating each level in as few moves as possible. You see, you earn a substantial number of excellent Golden Acorns depending on how many moves you’ve got left. If you really want to rake them in, focus on completing levels in as few moves as possible.

How to make the most of your golden acorns:

But what about those Golden Acorns you’ve already got? Well, why not try and make the most of them with these few tips.

Get the acorns every day pack

If you do want to pay to get Golden Acorns, we thoroughly recommend getting the Acorns Every Day Pack detailed above. Not only do you get an enormous wedge of Acorns initially, you’ll also earn 900 extra each day for 30 days. That’s a whopping 36,800 Golden Acorns for $7.99/£7.99. To get a similar number right away, you’d need to spend $30.99/£30.99.

Save money on power-ups by opening gifts

If you’re frugal with your power-ups, which you totally should be, you should be fine getting by on the free power-ups that you get from opening gifts. You get these every few levels or so, and you can always see when the next is set to arrive in the upper-right of the screen while viewing the café.

Pay for three extra moves once, never twice

If you’re really struggling on a level, and have used all of your lives restarting, you can comfortably pay for three extra moves once. It only costs 900 Golden Acorns, which isn’t actually that many. We would recommend not doing this more than once though, as the number of moves increases exponentially.

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