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Flying Pokémon weakness, strengths, and resistances

When you know what the flying Pokémon weakness is it becomes a lot easier to clip their wings to bring them down and ultimately win the battle.

Flying Pokemon weaknes - Fearow, Corviknight, Pidgeot

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s our flying Pokémon weakness guide. Here you can learn all about how to bring down the sky-dwellers, though do be careful, we doubt they’ll be too happy when they hit the ground. However, if you want one on your team, you need to know more than just the flying-type weakness. So, we also dive into their resistances and strengths so you know what Pokémon they can fly away with.

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Anyway, on to what the flying Pokémon weakness is.

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What are the flying Pokémon weaknesses?

There are three types that flying Pokémon are especially weak to ice-, electric-, and rock-types. If you come across one of those with a bird on your team, we suggest you rename them to Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving, as that’s all they’re good for.

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Flying Pokémon counters

When it comes to specific Pokémon to use against flying Pokémon, we suggest the likes of Pikachu, Zeraora, Onix, Glaceon, and Abomasnow. For specific ‘mon from each generation, we recommend:

Remember, while the likes of Rhyperior are a great choice thanks to partially being a rock-type, you need to consider that its secondary type is ground, an element flying Pokémon are resistant to.

Not only that, but you need to use the correct attacks; using bite as Jolteon instead of thunderbolt isn’t going to finish your opponent off – make sure you use electricity and shock those birds into the middle of next week.

What are the flying Pokémon resistances?

Luckily, while flying Pokémon have three weaknesses, they have four resistances – bug-, ground-, grass-, and fighting-types.Going one step further, ground attacks don’t damage flying-types at all.

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What are the flying Pokémon strengths?

  • Fighting Pokémon
  • Grass Pokémon
  • Bug Pokémon

Flying Pokémon are super effective against fighting-, grass-, and bug-types on the battlefield. Honestly, fighting Pokémon such as Machamp are about to get their butt kicked (flown?) into the middle of next week, while bug- and grass-types are about to become dinner.

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