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Psychic Pokémon weakness, resistance, and strength

With our psychic Pokémon weakness guide you can bypass that fortune teller and learn all you need to know about these mind readers.

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I see useful knowledge in your future. Our psychic Pokémon weakness guide is here to tell you all you need to know about those other-worldly ‘mon on your team; though they likely already know the outcome of the battle before it begins, let’s pretend they don’t. These Pokémon can play on the fears of your opponents, but that does little good should their ‘mon be of the spooky variety themselves. Yes, ghosts are just one of the psychic-type weaknesses.

Wait, before we dive into how to beat the likes of Alakazam and Hypno, you should probably find out who the best psychic Pokémon are with our guide (we suggest looking at our Ralts evolution guide in that regard, too). Or, maybe check out our steel Pokémon, dragon Pokémon, fire Pokémon, ice Pokémon, grass Pokémon, water Pokémon, and normal Pokémon guides to see who else should be on your team.

Anyway, onto what you need to know about psychic Pokémon weaknesses.

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What are psychic Pokémon weaknesses?

Psychic Pokémon are weak to ghost-, dark-, and bug-types. Of course, this is something you should also think about if you face someone who’s fond of those little mind readers – Sabrina immediately comes to mind.

If you want to overcome these Pokémon. it’s a good idea to read our dark Pokémon weakness, bug Pokémon weakness, and ghost Pokémon weakness guides.

Psychic Pokémon counters

Among the best psychic counters are Obstagoon, Beedrill, and Drifblim. However, if you want some recommendations from each generation, we have some suggestions below:

Each of these Pokémon, alongside more, is super effective in battle against psychic-types. The only thing you need to consider is the secondary type of your counter Pokémon, as it can leave them vulnerable to attack.

What are psychic Pokémon resistances?

Psychic Pokémon are resistant to their own type and fighting Pokémon, the latter of which they tend to obliterate in battle.

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What are psychic Pokémon strengths?

Psychic Pokémon are super effective against fighting Pokémon and poison Pokémon, meaning not only can they squash Pokémon such as Arbok, Drapion, and Weezing, but they can also knock out opponents like Machamp, Lucario, Primeape, and Hitmonlee.

To kick these types while they’re down, check out our poison Pokémon weakness and fighting Pokémon weakness guides, just in case you don’t have a mind reader on your team.

Why is psychic strong against poison?

It’s all about the state of mind. Psychic creatures are mentally stronger than the other types out there, and they say that how ready you are mentally determines how well you may fight off or overcome a physical ailment or injury. With that in mind, it makes sense that psychic Pokémon are strong against both poison and fighting-types.

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