Shinjuku has the purrfect Pokémon Go 3D outdoor advertisement

Outside the east exit of JR Shinjuku Station in Japan, you can find a huge Pokémon Go 3D outdoor advertisement that features some feisty felines

A group of cat Pokemon appearing in Pokemon Go 3D outdoor advertisement in Shinjuku

Even after more than six years, Pokémon Go is a powerhouse in the mobile gaming space and is a true pioneer in what augmented reality titles can achieve. Of course, the many events Niantic treats trainers to every year play a part in its success, but it’s fair to say that sometimes the mobile game experiences fun ad campaigns. Just look at the Pokémon Go Amazon lockers in the US.

However, publicity for the game just went up a notch with the Pokémon Go 3D outdoor advertisement in Japan. Right now, you can see a bunch of giant cats on the Cross Shinjuku Vision (a large virtual street advertisement), which you can find if you head towards the east exit of the JR Shinjuku Station.

The cats in question are Purrloin, Litten, Glameow, Galarian Meowth, Meowth, and Delcatty, all of which look purrfect on the big screen. If you ask us, this is a contender for the most adorable form of advertisement that we’ve seen for a mobile game.

How long is Japan’s Pokémon Go 3D outdoor advertising up for?

If you happen to be in the Shinjuku area between August 8 and September 5, you can see the advertisement in all its glory. Furthermore, during this period, you can encounter these Pokémon more frequently around Cross Shinjuku Vision.

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