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Pokémon Go Amazon lockers are in the US, can you spot ‘em all?

Niantic and Amazon team up once again and this time, it’s for Pokémon Go Amazon lockers, which you can spot for a limited time across the US

A Pokemon Go Amazon locker

Pokémon Go is everywhere, and has been since its release in 2016. There are millions of trainers worldwide, and Niantic provides plenty of events and raids for you to enjoy, so it’s hardly surprising that, on occasion, a collaboration enters the equation, and this time, it’s with Amazon.

According to a tweet from the official Pokémon Go Twitter account, trainers across the US can find Pokémon Go Amazon lockers. Instead of the usual yellow, you can find a depiction of PoGo across the lockers, with a mountain backdrop, a phone, and, of course, Pikachu – the electric-type looks very happy about the Amazon locker makeovers.

You might think this is a bit random, despite the fact that it’s quite a nifty little collab, but it’s not actually all that surprising, as not too long again, Pokémon Go Prime Gaming goodies became available for Amazon Prime subscribers. And these freebies provide you with many valuable items, such as lures, different types of balls, max revives, a star piece, and more.

Where are the Pokémon Go Amazon lockers?

We can’t tell you exactly where the Pokémon Go amazon lockers are, but they’re spread out around the US for a limited time.

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