Pokémon Go rare candy – how does it work?

Trainers, our Pokémon Go rare candy guide is here to help you power up your pocket pals, and help them to be the very best ‘mon in all the land.

Pokemon Go rare candy: Pokemon Go rare candy is shown against a blurred background image of a screenshot of Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go rare candy doesn’t work quite the same as in mainline games, so you might be a little confused. Rare candy is also hard to find, there’s no Missingo to battle in the real world to duplicate the handy material! However, that’s where we come in, as we go through exactly how it works and how to find it, so you can train up your favorite Pocket Monsters. Mmm, rare candy.

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Let’s go then, trainers, and crack on with our Pokémon Go rare candy guide.

Pokemon Go rare candy: a screenshot from Pokemon Go shows a trainer attempting to level up Giratin, but they dont have enough candy to do so

What is Pokémon Go rare candy? 

In Pokémon Go, rare candy and rare candy XL are both useable materials that you can give your Pokémon, increasing the amount of the specific candy they have. This allows you to power them up and improve their CP even further without having to catch more of the Pokémon or walking with them as your buddy to earn more of their candy.

At a certain CP, your Pokémon no longer accepts regular candy or rare candy, instead needing either their candy XL or rare candy XL to push their CP into the very upper limits. Naturally, this is even harder to come by than regular rare candy, but it’s incredibly useful in powering up your Pokémon to their maximum strength.

Pokemon Go rare candy: two screenshots show how to select rare candy in the Pokemon Go menu

How do I use Pokémon Go rare candy? 

It’s really simple to use Pokémon Go rare candy, just follow these steps:

  • In Pokémon Go open the menu by pressing the Poké ball icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Click on the item button
  • Scroll down and select rare candy or rare candy XL
  • Click on the Pokémon whose candy you want to increase
  • Select the amount of rare candy you want to use
  • Press exchange
  • Congratulations, your selected Pokémon now has more of its candy!

How do I find Pokémon Go rare candy? 

Funnily enough, Pokémon Go rare candy is actually quite rare. But you can find it by completing a number of in-game tasks. These include:

  • Defeating raid bosses
  • Completing certain research tasks
  • Winning battle league matches
  • Earning weekly adventure sync awards
  • Training and battling against one of the three team leaders
  • Battling other trainers
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Well, there you have it, folks, that’s all for our Pokémon Go rare candy guide for today. If this sumptuous guide has you hungry for even more great Pokémon content, travel over to our guides covering the Pokémon Go level requirements and Pokémon Go Salamence next.