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Pokémon Go’s The Bug Out event creeps back into the mobile game

Pokémon Go’s The Bug Out event is back, and it features an abundance of content for you to enjoy, including bonus XP, candy, and ‘mon debuts

A group of pokemon hiding in thee forest ready for Pokemon Go's The Bug Out event

Niantic knows how much all of you trainers out there love a good event, and that’s why it’s time to celebrate the cute and crawly ‘mon once more as the Pokémon Go The Bug Out event makes a triumphant return and, as with any ‘mon event worth its salt, there’s a few debuts for you to look forward to.

The creatures making their grand entrance in the Pokémon Go The Bug Out event are Grubbin, Charjabug, and Vikavolt, all of which are part of the same evolution chain. So, if you get 25 Grubbin candy, you can evolve it in Charjabug, then with a further 100 candies, you can get Vikavolt.

However, there’s another debut to take note of, and that’s Mega Scizor coming to mega Pokémon Go raids for the first time. Naturally, you can also look forward to an abundance of research, various encounters, and some double XP if you successfully catch a ‘mon with a nice, great, or excellent throw. Furthermore, you can get some additional candy for landing any of those throws.

When is the Pokémon Go The Bug Out event?

The event begins on August 10 and runs until August 16, so you have plenty of time to get some awesome goodies.

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