Pokémon Go update – v1.159.0

Every Pokémon Go update detailed with full patch notes

November 6, 2020: The latest Pokémon Go update is a small bug-fixing patch.

Pokémon Go is a very busy game. Niantic has settled into a nice rhythm of providing a wealth of content via Pokémon Go updates, which introduce new events, features, and more to your favourite mobile game. There is so much happening on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis that it’s actually really challenging to keep on top of, even if you’re well-versed in keeping up to date with the latest Pokémon Go news.

But that’s where we come in. We want to help you keep on top of all of the various different Pokémon Go update details in a single place, so you don’t ever have to go anywhere else to learn, at a glance, exactly what’s going on. We’re going to include details of all of the latest updates and patch notes, so you can quickly check what’s new in Pokémon Go.

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Here is the latest Pokémon Go update:

Pokémon Go update – 1.159.0

This update is to implement unspecified “bug fixes”. With all the updates surrounding Pokémon Go Beyond at the moment, we imagine this update fixes some unforeseen problems.

Pokémon Go update – 1.157.2

This update appears to be a small patch or hotfix. Niantic hasn’t released any information about the update, but we suspect it may have something to do with areas of the map disappearing for certain players.

Pokémon Go update – 1.157.1

  • Mega Gengar is now available to battle in Mega Raids
  • You can now store your battle parties and preview Pokémon’s attacks during battle party selection
  • Pokémon searching has been improved, including the ability to navigate to your Pokémon storage from the Pokédex and the addition of new details about your Pokémon
  • Updates to certain Evolution requirements

Pokémon Go update – 1.157.0

  • In Trainer Battles, the switch menu has been replaced by two buttons on the right side of the screen to more easily access the Pokémon you can switch to during your battles
  • In Trainer Battles, the switch animation camera angle has shifted so that you are able to see your Pokémon’s HP bar when your opponent is switching their Pokémon
  • Soon, battle parties will be saved on your account itself instead of on your device, meaning they’ll be synced when you reinstall the game or change devices
  • The Flying-type Charged Attack mini-game has been slightly slowed down
  • You can now navigate from a Pokémon’s detail page directly to its Pokédex entry
  • You can now navigate from a Pokédex entry directly to the Pokémon storage to see all Pokémon you have of that species
  • Soon, you’ll be able to see more information about the Pokémon you obtain on the Pokémon detail page. Note that this will not backfill information on Pokémon you’ve obtained prior to this feature
  • A new loading screen has been added
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Pokémon Go update – 1.155.0

  • New AR mapping tasks, including geo-targeted field research tasks
  • Masks is a brand new category available in the style shop
  • Miscellaneous updates to the AR scan feature

Pokemon Go Update – 1.153.2 patch notes

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Pokemon Go Update – 1.153.1 Patch Notes

  • Reality Blending is available on more devices. With Reality Blending, Pokémon are able to move behind objects while using AR features
  • Personalise gifts you send to friends with new stickers available in the store

Pokémon Go update – 1.151.3 patch notes

  • The mega energy requirement to Mega Evolve a Pokémon that has already Mega Evolved has been decreased
  • You will now gain more Mega Energy from winning raids
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Pokémon Go update – 1.51.1 patch notes

  • Two and four-star raids have been removed from the game
  • Pokémon from two and four-star raids will now appear in the tier below them
  • Rewards for one and three-star raids will receive the rewards previously provided in two and four-star raids respectively

Pokémon Go update – 1.151.0 patch notes

  • Niantic social has received various enhancements
  • You can now swipe horizontally on a friend’s detail screen to view your next friend’s details
  • Bug fixes

Pokémon Go update – 1.149.0 patch notes

  • Introduced Team Go Rocket Balloon encounters
  • You can now invite friends to a raid, no matter where they are located

Pokémon Go update – 1.147.1 patch notes

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Pokémon Go update – 1.147.0 patch notes

  • The Pokémon Go Fest 2020 ticket is now available for purchase in the shop

Pokémon Go update – 1.145.2 PATCH NOTES

  • Fourth-anniversary boxes are now available in the shop in the following forms:
  • Special Box
  • Ultra Box
  • Adventure Box

Pokémon Go update – 1.143.0 patch notes

  • You can now use your Apple ID to sign into Pokémon Go
  • Niantic has introduced the ability for trainers to record a stream of images for local Pokéstops and gyms, which will allow Niantic to build 3D maps of these locations

Pokémon Go update – 1.141.0 patch notes

  • Your buddy Pokémon can now visit nearby Pokéstops to collect gifts on your behalf, which you can then send to friends

Pokémon Go update – 1.139.0 patch notes

  • You can now access nearby raids remotely, thanks to the introduction of the Remote Raid Pass
  • You will receive a bonus daily field research task each day, without the need to spin a PokéStop
  • Pokémon can be powered up to the desired CP using all required candies and stardust at once
  • You can now extend the duration of star pieces, lucky eggs, and incense by using several items at once

Pokémon Go update – 1.137.1 patch notes

  • You can now see all current event bonuses at a glance on the research screen
  • Go Battle League now lets you play until you win

Pokémon Go update – 1.131.0 patch notes

  • Niantic has made undisclosed changes to trainer battles and various combat systems.
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