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Pokémon Unite Snorlax build, items, and moves

Learn how to be the toughest (and sleepiest) defender around with this Pokémon Unite Snorlax build guide

Snorlax in the arena

In Pokémon Unite, Snorlax is a powerful tank, with brilliant defence and high HP. If you pick Snorlax, you will have great potential for interrupts, and not only take a beating, but dish one out too. If you’re looking to use this rotund wrecking machine to its full potential, you’re in the right place.

In our Pokémon Unite Snorlax build guide, we will give you an in-depth look at this champ’s moves, build, best items to pick, and some strategic tips to carry you through your match. As is the case with a lot of Pokémon Unite characters, Snorlax is pretty weak in the early game, but scales well from mid-game onwards. With the ability to block attacks and protect squishier attackers, Snorlax is a great asset to any team.

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What are Pokémon Unite Snorlax’s moves?

Snorlax’s main focus is to protect the attacker. Your damage is not the best, but you make up for it with tankiness, so your priority should be to jump between your attacker and the enemy, body blocking them and allowing your attacker to escape without losing any points. Snorlax takes a while to level up, so keep farming wild Pokémon until level six, working only with attackers to defeat enemies and score goals before you get there.

As mentioned above, you have a great kit for disabling opponents, especially those who overextend into your territory. In most situations, it’s best to play defensive, and only go in for a kill if the enemy is low on health. Try to avoid fighting alone until you get your more offensive moves, as, although you have high health, you don’t pack enough of a punch to out damage an enemy attacker alone.

MOBAs always require a certain level of flexibility depending on your team and enemies. You can check out a description of each of the moves below, and find out which we generally recommend to make the most of this tanky beast.

Snorlax promotional image

Snorlax’s passive ability

Move name Attack type Description
Gluttony Passive The effects of any berries you eat are increased

Snorlax’s early game abilities

In the early stages of a match, Snorlax is quite weak. Rest is not the strongest ability, and is very situational. It offers some HP regeneration but is not a reliable heal, so it’s best to mostly use it to block enemies in chokepoints, allowing your teammates to escape or score a quick goal. Tackle can be used to knock opponents back and stun them briefly. It’s useful for closing a gap between you and an enemy, especially if they’re coming for your attacker, it’s also a good escape route if aimed manually away from the enemy.

We recommend you pick tackle first, then rest at level three.

Move name Attack type Cooldown Description
Tackle Dash Six seconds You rush from the stomach and attack, inflicting damage and knocking the enemy back on impact. After using this move, your next normal attack is boosted
Rest Hindrance Ten seconds You sleep on the spot, recovering some HP. This move blocks the movement of enemies

Snorlax fighting in the jungle

Snorlax’s mid-game abilities

From level six onwards, you’ll start to see an improvement in your offensive abilities. It’s best to choose your level six move to suit the situation at hand, as this will dictate the direction of your build. Heavy slam is a strong offensive move, and will allow you to move more independently due to its high damage. Though your main responsibility is still babysitting your squishier companions, you will be able to secure some KOs and goals using this. On the other hand, flail will increase your attack damage significantly if your HP is low, making it good if you are being pushed back by some strong enemies.

We recommend picking heavy slam in most cases, but go with flail if your team is struggling.

Move name Attack type  Cooldown Description
Heavy slam Dash  Seven seconds You slam your body down, dealing damage to enemies in the area of effect, throwing them back
 Flail  Hindrance 6.5 seconds You flail about, increasing your basic attack damage. The lower your HP, the more your basic attack damage is increased

Snorlax’s late-game abilities

At level eight, your move choices supply you with some strong combo opportunities. Block gives you a shield that pushes your opponents back. It synergises well with heavy slam, as you can do a heavy slam -> block -> heavy slam combo that is brilliant for both offensive and defensive approaches. This can be used to push enemies away from your goal, or protect your team as they score a goal.

On the other hand, yawn synergises well with flail. If your HP drops, pop flail, then yawn at the enemy who is attacking you. Though this doesn’t offer as much offensive or defensive utility as the previous combo, it’s good for stunning and disabling a strong opponent before you deal some nasty damage with your basic attack.

In general, we recommend the heavy slam and block combo, but if you chose flail and are struggling with an aggressive enemy pushing into your territory, go with yawn.

Move name Attack type Cooldown Description
Block Hindrance 11 seconds You spread your arms to create a wall, granting a shield. This prevents opponents from passing through and shoves them back if they run into it
Yawn Hindrance 12 seconds The user lets loose a huge yawn that puts enemies to sleep

Snorlax’s end game abilities

Snorlax’s unite move is super handy for defending goals. It deals a lot of sustained damage and recovers a good chunk of your HP, so is great when you’re left alone against multiple opponents. It doesn’t deal enough damage to polish off multiple full-health enemies though, so it’s mostly useful for standing your ground while you wait for your teammates to join you or score some goals in the enemy base.

Move name Attack type Cooldown Description
Power nap Buff Percent based You fall asleep, and your snores deal damage and throw enemies back in the area of effect. During this time, you are immune to hindrances and your HP is continually restored

Snorlax using block

What are the best held items for Pokémon Unite’s Snorlax?

You can choose up to three held items. These are some of the best options, offering you some great defensive utility.

  • Leftovers – recover HP when out of combat
    Assault vest – when out of combat, you’re granted a shield that nullifies special attack damage
  • Rocky helmet – when you receive damage, it’s reflected back onto the enemy. The amount of damage dealt to them is defined by their max HP
  • Score shield – when you’re attempting to score a goal, you’re granted a shield. Your goal cannot be interrupted while you’re shielded
  • Buddy barrier – when you use your unite move, you and a nearby ally with the lowest HP receive a shield
  • Focus band – regenerate health for a few seconds when you drop to low HP

What is the best battle item for Pokémon Unite’s Snorlax?

You can choose one battle item per match, for Snorlax we recommend the following.

  • Eject button – allows you to teleport short distances, increasing your mobility and acting either as an escape when faced with a tricky situation, or an offensive manoeuvre when you want to get right into the fray of battle.
  • Potion – restores some of Snorlax’s lost health

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