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Pokémon Unite held items and battle items - descriptions, uses, and tier list

Everything you need to know about Pokémon Unite held items and battle items and how they rank

Several Pokémon Unite held items over arena map

Pokémon Unite is here, bringing with it some intense battles in a 5v5 situation, where it’s vital to work together if victory is to be yours. Of course, no Pokémon game would be complete without the creatures themselves, and Pokémon Unite boasts various monsters from different generations. However, you might not find your favourite, given there’s around 900 Pokémon now, and only 20 are on the roster – though more are on the way, thanks to the upcoming Pokémon Unite DLC.

In our Pokémon Unite held items guide, we explain what they are and rank them, showing you which ones are worth your time, and which are better left alone. Of course, which items suit you varies, depending upon which Pokémon you choose, and what role you play on the battlefield.

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What are Pokémon Unite held items?

In Pokémon Unite, trainers can equip their companions with up to three held items, which provide varying boosts to different stats. Some are heavy on offence, increasing your attack, while offers give a defensive edge, such as more HP. Of course, these play a vital role in any match, regardless of whether or not it’s ranked, so choosing the best items for your position is crucial. Be sure to check out our individual guides for each Pokémon, as they will have their own unique item recommendations.

A list of held items in Pokemon Unite

Item name     Description
Assault vest Increases health and special defence, while providing a special attack shield outside of combat
Attack weight This item gives a slight boost to attack, which increases upon scoring a goal
Aeos cookie The aeos cookie provides a slight boost to health, and gives an increase to max HP on scoring a goal
Buddy barrier When using a Unite move, both you and your ally with the lowest health receive a defence shield
Energy amplifier The energy amplifier gives a slight boost to the recharge time of your Unite move, as well as a slight increase in its damage
EXP share This item gives you a boost to health and movement speed, as well as a tiny amount of passive experience
Leftovers This item increases your total HP, and allows you to regenerate health when outside of battle
Focus band Not only does the focus band boost your defences, it also enables you to recover some HP
Muscle band The muscle band is for offensive playstyles, with it increasing attack damage and speed, as well as giving bonus attack damage
Sp attack specs As the name suggests, the sp attack specs give a boost to your special attack damage
Wise glasses The wise glasses not only increase attack damage, but they also up the frequency in which you can use them
Rocky helmet The rocky helmet gives a nice boost to HP and defence, they also reflect damage
Float stone This item increases your attack and movement speed
Shell bell Increases special attack, move cooldown, and allows you to heal
Scope lens The scope lens increases your critical hit rate and damage
Score shield The score shield gives a slight boost to health, and focus, while also providing protection when scoring a goal

What are the best Pokémon Unite held items?

While there isn’t a ton of held items available yet, there’s certainly enough to rank. Some of these items are true standouts that can change the tide of battle, while others are next to useless. The bottom of the barrel isn’t helpful at all, they may actually aid in your demise, rather than prevent it, as they offer no life saving benefits.

Below is our ranking for all of the Pokémon Unite held items:

Rank    Pokémon Unite items
S Rocky helmet, muscle band, float stone
A Buddy barrier, scope lens, focus band, assault vest, wise glasses
B Attack weight, aeos cookie, leftovers, score shield
C Sp attack specs, exp share, energy amplifier

What are Pokémon Unite battle items?

In Pokémon Unite, trainers can equip one battle item, and it’s essential to make the right choice, for this could see you survive – for another minute or so, at least. Currently, there’s not many to choose from, but they have varying benefits that will help, depending upon your Pokémon and chosen build.

A list of battle items in Pokemon Unite

Item name   Description
X-attack As the name suggests, this item increases your attack and special attack stats for a short period
Eject button Allows you to teleport to another part of the map
X-speed This item gives you a temporary boost to movement speed
Fluffy tail Prevents wild Pokémon from attacking you, while also increasing the damage you do to them
Potion Pokémon fans are all familiar with potions. They heal a certain amount of health
Full heal Removes all status effects, such as sleep, and makes you immune for a short period
White smoke All opposing Pokémon caught in the white smoke take a hit to their movement speed
Goal accelerator The name of the item says it all. Goal accelerator increases the speed at which you score goals for a matter of time

What are the best Pokémon Unite battle items?

Given there’s only eight to choose from, you’re not spoilt for choice when it comes to battle items. However, some are clearly better than others. Since you can only equip one item, it’s worth giving it some thought – how do you intend to play? Will you be aggressive or defensive? Pick a side, and the battle item, to match.

Rank      Items
S Eject button, fluffy tail
A Potion, x-speed
B White smoke, x-attack, goal accelerator
C Full heal

And that’s all you need to know about both Pokémon Unite held items, and battle items. Be sure to check out our picks for the best Nintendo Switch multiplayer games if you’re after something new to play.