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Pokémon Unite Sylveon moves, build, and items

Here's everything you need to know about Pokémon Unite's Sylveon, from the best build to our recommend battle and held items

Sylveon performing an attack

Pokémon Unite is a MOBA that puts you in 5v5 matches to determine who the best team is through scoring goals and defeating enemy Pokémon. You can take part in casual or ranked matches, depending on how competitive you are. But, of course, you can’t do battle without your trusty companions – the Pokémon themselves! Pokémon Unite comes with a diverse roster, comprised of fan-favourite creatures from across multiple generations, including Pikachu, Charizard, Zeraora, Greninja, and more.

Our Pokémon Unite Sylveon guide aims to provide details on the best build for Eevee’s Fairy-type evolution, this includes our recommendations of which abilities to choose, and which held items you should equip. We also touch upon which battle item is the best one to take into matches with you.

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Pokémon Unite Sylveon Abilities

Sylveon is a strong, ranged attacker that does well in both top and bottom lanes. It has great balance between offence and defence, and scales well in early and late game, but can be tricky to use effectively and needs proper set up and support from team mates.

Pokémon Unite Sylveon Passive Ability

Sylveon’s first evolution, Evee, has a different passive to Sylveon. We’ve listed both below. Thanks to the passive, as long as you keep attacking you’ll stack up on special attack and special defence in no time. Spam your moves as much as possible to ensure you’re fulfilling your maximum potential as this champ.

Evolution Move name Description
Evee Adaptability Whenever Evee deals or receives damage, its special attack is increased for a short time
Sylveon Pixelate Whenever Sylveon deals or receives damage, its special attack and special defense are increased for a short time

Pokémon Unite Sylveon basic attack

Like Sylveon’s passive, Evee and Sylveon have different basic attacks.

Evolution Description
Evee Every third attack is boosted, dealing increased damage on hit
Sylveon Every third attack is boosted, dealing increased damage and increasing Sylveon’s movement speed for a short time on hit

Pokémon Unite Sylveon early game abilities

Baby-Doll Eyes is a super important move for setting up moves, especially as you get your level four abilities. With the target’s reduced movement speed, Mystical Fire or Hyper Voice will be able to deal massive damage.

Move name Move type Cooldown Description
Swift Ranged Seven seconds Shoot out star-shaped rays at an enemy, dealing damage to them
Baby-Doll Eyes Ranged Five seconds Stare at an opposing Pokémon with Sylveon’s baby-doll eyes, dealing damage and decreasing the enemy’s attack and movement speed for a short time on hit


At level four, you can upgrade Swift into one of the following. Hyper Voice is a great general choice due to the safety of its range and low cooldown. Mystical Fire has great damage potential, but as it chooses random targets it can be a bit hard to use during team fights, but is very strong in solo duels.

Move Name Move type Cooldown Description
Mystical Fire Dash Seven seconds Create flames while moving in the designated direction. The flames shoot towards an enemy Pokémon one by one, dealing damage and decreasing the opponent’s special attack for a short time when they hit. Each time a flame hits, it reduces the cooldown of this move. When upgraded, the number of flames shot out is increased by one
Hyper Voice Area Five seconds Unleash an attack of multiple soundwaves that deal damage when they hit. The damage they deal increases the farther they travel to the target. Every time a sound wave hits, the next sound wave’s damage is increased. When upgraded, the number of soundwaves is increased by one

At level six, Baby-Doll Eyes can be upgraded into one of the following. Calm mind is currently considered the better choice as it offers a strong damage boost and some great survivability. Additionally, Draining Kiss‘ link between Sylveon and the enemy can be severed by mobility skills or battle items like X Speed or the Eject Button, making it very situational.

Move name Move type Cooldown Description
Draining Kiss Sure hit Ten seconds Blow a kiss at an opposing Pokémon, which goes back and forth between Sylveon and the enemy multiple times. When the kiss touches the Sylveon, it restores hp. When it hits the opponent, it deals damage to them and decreases their movement speed for a short time. If Sylveon and the opposing Pokémon move too far away from each other, the kiss will disappear faster than normal. When upgraded, the kiss will restore more HP
Calm Mind Buff Ten seconds Sylveon quietly focuses its mind and calms its spirit to increase its special attack, special defence, and movement speed for a short time. When upgraded, for only one time while using this move, if Sylveon is hit by an opposing Pokémon’s move, the damage is completely nullified and you are granted a shield


Sylveon’s Unite Ability is super handy, as you can control the direction and where you want to land, meaning you can hop over walls. This is great for ganking, flanking, or a good old escape.

Move name Move Type Cooldown Description
Unite move: Fairy Frolic Buff Percent based Sylveon jumps into the air and briefly becomes invincible. The moment it lands, you deal damage to opposing Pokémon in the area of effect, while also restoring Sylveon’s HP. For a short time afterward, a set percentage of the damage you deal is converted into HP

What are the best held items for Pokémon Unite’s Sylveon?

The following items should be useful when using Sylveon:

  • Buddy Barrier – when using your unite move, both you and a nearby ally with the lowest HP are granted a shield equal to a percentage of your max HP. A friend in need is a friend indeed, so in teamfights and escapes, this will make your wall-hopping tactic even more valuable
  • Focus band – When your HP is low, the focus band will raise you back up again. For three seconds you’ll recover a percentage of lost HP
  • Wise glasses – Sylveon, lay your wisdom upon us, oh wise one. With the wise glasses, you get an increase in special attack damage, and the frequency of which you can use these abilities. To learn more, go and check out our Pokémon Unite special attack guide
  • Choice Specs – Everyone loves a bit more damage, especially for a fluffy little wrecking machine like Sylveon. The Choice Specs will increase the damage of your moves when you hit – the higher your special attack stat, the more the damage is increased

For more information on these items, be sure to check out our Pokémon Unite held items guide, which also includes information on the battle items.

Close up of Sylveon

What is the best battle item for Pokémon Unite’s Sylveon?

These are some great items that will likely aid in battle when using the fairy Eeveelution:

  • Eject button – It’s time to get out of dodge, and the eject button is perfect for this. One second your enemy is wailing on you, and the next, you perform a wonderful magic trick at the press of a button, disappearing and reappearing in a safer area on the map.
  • X-Attack – If you are a true angry lil’ fluffball, this is the choice for you. With basic attack damage and move damage increased for eight seconds, pairing this up with the short-cooldown Mystical Fire will make you a high-impact, high-mobility monster.

Who does Pokémon Unite’s Sylveon work best with?

Of course, Sylveon plays nice with others – just look at that face – but there are some specific pals that will really give you a helping hand.

  • Snorlax or Slowbro – these guys will be great protectors for Sylveon, providing powerful crowd control and holding enemies in place while Sylveon dishes out that tasty damage
  • Eldegoss – It’ll take you a while to get Sylveon up to Unite Move status, so having a teammate that can give you speed boosts and shields is a win. Enter Eldegoss – this sweet critter can help keep you alive in a fight, so you can keep bringing the hurt for longer

And that’s everything we have on Pokémon Unite’s Sylveon for now. Be sure to check out our picks for the best Switch RPGs if you fancy taking a break from all this Pokémon training.