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Poppy Playtime presents lore book deal with Scholastic

Mob Entertainment partners with Scholastic to produce a series of books that dive into the creepy lore of Poppy Playtime, with the first arriving this month.

Mommy Long Legs creeping towards the camera in Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime has a wealth of lore and winding backstory behind it, weaving a terrifying tale of a freaky toy factory that produces hideously mutated and petrifying creatures. Playtime Co. has continuously delivered some true nightmare fuel, and in the ‘Poppy Playtime Orientation Notebook’, you’ll be able to read up on the frenzied notes of a biologist-turned-employee and take a true deep dive into the unsettling lore of the company.

Mob Entertainment co-founders, Zach Belanger and Seth Belanger, say that “the partnership with Scholastic marks a significant milestone for Mob Entertainment, solidifying our commitment to transmedia storytelling. Each chapter of our video game series exposes more about Playtime Co. and we are excited that this book gives our fans a new way to go deeper into the story.” If Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 is anything to go by, we’re very intrigued (and overly cautious) at what will be discovered in this lore book.

Because deeper you shall go, dear reader, as this book delivers a never-before-seen peek into the peculiar world of Playtime Co., filled with nefarious company secrets, hastily scribbled notes from a whistleblowing employee, as well as illustrations of the once-cute-now-absolutely-terrifying mutations that used to be children’s toys.

As well as the exciting deep dive into the lore of Playtime Co., the ‘Poppy Playtime Orientation Notebook’ is the first of many diverse methods of storytelling from Mob Entertainment, with young adult stories and graphic novels also on the horizon as the developer expands on its flagship game.

The origins of Huggy Wuggy, the Smiling Critters, and a host of other fan-favorite characters from the wildly successful horror game will be exposed to the masses, and the biologist hired by Playtime Co. offers a sneak peek into the book’s contents in the ‘Poppy Playtime Orientation Notebook’ preview, which you can view below.

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“Embarking on this exciting new publishing journey with Mob Entertainment will allow us to create expanded stories to create new worlds that will captivate the imagination of fans and new readers alike,” says the VP and Publisher Global Licensing Brands & Media for Scholastic, Debra Dorfman. “The release of the Poppy Playtime Orientation Notebook is just the beginning of what promises to be a thrilling (and haunting!) lineup of books.”

You can order your copy of the ‘Poppy Playtime Orientation Notebook’ right now from scholastic.com, or wherever you get your books, plus you can keep yourself well informed by joining Mob Entertainment’s Discord server. We have everything you need to know about Poppy Playtime Chapter 4, as well as our own deep dives on characters like Poppy Playtime’s DogDay, Poppy Playtime’s CatNap, and Poppy Playtime’s Miss Delight.