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Poppy Playtime Miss Delight

In this Poppy Playtime Miss Delight guide, we tell you all about the terrifying teacher's lore and appearance, and offer tips to help you escape her chase.

Poppy Playtime's Miss Delight running towards the player in a dimly lit school corridor

Poppy Playtime’s Miss Delight is one of the anxiety-inducing antagonists we meet in Poppy Playtime Chapter 3. This terrifying teacher is more scary than any exam, but don’t drop out just yet, as we’re here to guide you through her lore, appearance, and how to escape the nerve-wracking Miss Delight chase sequence.

Be warned, there are some spoilers for Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 ahead. So, if you’d prefer to read up on the new entry without ruining the story for yourself, be sure to check out our spoiler-free Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 review, or get yourself up to date with our Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 and Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 walkthroughs.

Here’s everything in our Poppy Playtime’s Miss Delight guide:

A screenshot of Poppy Playtime's Miss Delight standee, showing her grinning and telling you to find her sisters to learn more

Who is Poppy Playtime’s Miss Delight?

Miss Delight is an antagonist who first appears in Poppy Playtime Chapter 3: Deep Sleep. She’s quite the unique character compared to others we’ve met so far, primarily because Mob Entertainment kept her entirely under wraps before Chapter 3’s release date, with her name and appearance remaining a surprise until we meet her in-game.

Miss Delight resides in Playcare’s school and appears to have taken over the building, to the point where even Poppy Playtime’s CatNap doesn’t step on her turf. We first hear her through the intercom, where she immediately makes it clear that she recognizes us from when we used to work in the Poppy Playtime Factory. She initially seems somewhat friendly, but, as Ollie warns us, she’s definitely not our friend.

Through the cardboard standees, we discover that Miss Delight used to act as the teacher in the school, covering a variety of educational subjects, with the cutout specifically focusing on human biology. The cutout’s voicelines also allude to the fact that there’s more than one Miss Delight, with her referring to the others as her ‘sisters’, which is supported by a clip from the end of the game where we see old footage showing multiple identical Miss Delights.

While we only see one of her in person, we do hear Miss Delight talking to someone else over the intercom, referring to her as Dawn. We presume that Dawn is another Miss Delight, so there may be more than one hiding in the school – though it may just be her talking to herself, as she’s clearly not in her ‘right mind’.

It seems that Miss Delight also shows up as a voice in some of the VHS tapes we find throughout the chapter, as well as a note we find on the floor which we presume belongs to her, giving us glimpses into her personality and motivations. We learn that, at one point, CatNap refused to tell her where the children were, only letting her know that they’re “safe”. She then concludes that he likely wouldn’t let her know their whereabouts because he knew that she’d “kill them all”, before maniacally laughing.

The note carries an equally unnerving message, though it appears to allude to her mental state before she fully devolved into the evil being we see in the game, as she writes “I’m so sorry. I had to eat. I had to survive. I ate them. I had to I had to I had to I had to”. Considering what Poppy Playtime’s Poppy says at the end of the chapter, we can presume that this is referring to when the toys ate the bodies of the people they killed during the Hour of Joy as a means to survive.

A close-up screenshot of Poppy Playtime Miss Delight's face showing her grinning menacingly before attacking the player

Miss Delight appearance

Miss Delight appears in two forms in Chapter 3.

First, there’s the cardboard cutout, which shows us her original appearance in the traditional, cartoon Playtime Co. art style. Here, we see she has a wide grin, rosy cheeks, and medium-length dark blond hair, which curls outwards at the bottom with.

She wears a red bow in her hair, a yellow shirt with a white collar and lace around the sleeves, a red tie, and a blue top over it with an apple on the front. She also wears an ankle-length, 50’s style A-line skirt in red with white polka dots and a sash tied around the waist. She’s also holding a teacher’s pointer stick, aimed at the ‘press here’ sign as though she’s ready to teach.

Next is her real appearance at the time of the game, which is somewhat similar to the artwork, only far more terrifying. Her hair is messy and her skirt is torn, revealing crumpled white stockings and large, pointed shoes. Her clothes and hands are also dirty, but the most notable change is her face. Her wide grin remains, though her jaw hangs open, revealing a cavernous mouth and exposed teeth.

Her skin appears to have been burnt off or peeled away from around her mouth, nose, and between her eyes, showing a reddish tissue-like material that looks like human muscle, though the edges of the torn skin appear more like cracked ceramic, and her arms have doll-like seams and joints.

Her eyes are wide, dome-shaped, and unblinking, revealing both her irises and the whites of her eyes, and she appears to be lacking both eyebrows and eyelids. Miss Delight also carries a mace made of sharp, colored pencils, which appears to be a modified version of her original pointer stick.

A screenshot from the Poppy Playtime Miss Delight chase showing Miss Delight frozen as the player looks at the electric nodes and plug sockets around her

Poppy Playtime Miss Delight chase

Possibly one of the trickiest parts of the game, the Poppy Playtime Miss Delight chase sequence is a tough one to beat. It begins when you complete an electrical circuit next to a generator and requires you to run through the school, solving puzzles while avoiding Miss Delight’s grasp. It’s also the first time where you get a good look at Miss Delight in full.

Navigating the school in this chase requires a bit of practice, and you really need to learn the correct route and where to find all the necessary electric nodes and batteries in order to progress. We’re currently putting together a video guide for this chase, which will appear in our full Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 walkthrough, but here are some tips to help you in the meantime.

  • Grab the battery at the start – when you first connect the circuit by the generator and the sirens start to ring, back up to the doorway you came from and keep facing towards the generator. Miss Delight will enter the room and smash the generator with her mace, causing the battery to pop out. Grab the battery then run, as you need it to open the first gate
  • Miss Delight can’t move when you’re looking at her – as long as you face her, Miss Delight can’t move any closer. However, she can still kill you if you get within a certain range, even if you’re looking at her. This is especially important towards the end of the chase, when you’re locked in the small room with the three battery-operated gates, so try to keep your eyes on her and walk backwards or strafe sideways as much as possible
  • Look out for alternate paths – as you’re running through the halls, keep an eye out for doors and holes in the walls. These can not only offer useful shortcuts, but may also hide the electric nodes you need in order to activate the next door
  • Miss Delight can open doors – don’t bother closing doors behind you, because Miss Delight can open them easily (and she can sometimes still kill you through them). However, you can use this to your advantage in that last room with the multiple shutters, as locking her in the room on the left will lead to her smashing the door open, giving you easy access to the electricity node inside without you risking the time to drag the shelves out of the way
  • Once you get through the red shutter, run – after completing that room with the three shutters and passing through the final one, Miss Delight will chase you even if you’re looking at her. Run straight ahead until you can’t go any further, then look to your left to find a lever. Pull it, and you’re free!

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