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It’s time to walk the Warrior’s Path in PoP: The Lost Crown

Price of Persia: The Lost Crown’s new content updates are to introduce new outfits, modes, boss rush, challenges, and more.

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown new content: Key art shows Sargon leaping through the air with a sword

Just two months after its release, Ubisoft announced new content for Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. Given how much we love the 2024 Metroidvania, we can’t wait to dive back in with some DLC, new game modes, and challenges, though we’d argue that it’s challenging enough already, as is the nature of the genre.

Easily one of the best Switch Metroidvanias, we lavished praise upon it with our Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown review, in which we praise it as the rejuvenation that the franchise desperately needed. So, knowing that there’s a paid DLC on the way that features new locations, enemies, and a storyline fills us with joy. Mount Qaf holds many secrets, so who knows what awaits us?

However, while the idea of paid DLC for such a great game is exciting, it’s not quite as thrilling as free content, and on March 20, that’s exactly what we get. Ubisoft is releasing The Lost Crown’s first update, known as Warrior’s Path, and is to introduce a speedrun mode, permadeath mode, and new outfits for Sargon. We look forward to seeing the times you all record and are more than ready to cry after losing all our progress in permadeath mode.

The free content doesn’t stop there, though, as the following updates, Boss Attack and Divine Trials, also introduce a host of goodies. Boss Attack, as the name implies, gives us a boss rush challenge and new outfits, while Divine Trials brings in combat, platform, and puzzle challenges.

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While we don’t know the release date for Boss Attack, Divine Trials, or the free DLC, though the former two are slated for Spring 2024 and Summer 2024, respectively, we’ll be sure to keep our ears to the ground and let you know as soon as there are any updates.

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