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Project Slayers breathing

To be a true demon slayer you need to know all about Project Slayers breathing, and luckily for you, our guide tells you where to learn them in-game

Project Slayers breathing - a demon slayer that uses fire fighting against a fellow slayer that uses ice

If you like Roblox and anime, then chances are you know about Project Slayers, an experience that takes inspiration from the Demon Slayer franchise. As such, there’s an expansive world for you to explore, full of treasures and many enemies that can’t wait to ruin your day.

To overcome such adversity, you need to familiarise yourself with Project Slayers breathing, an in-game mechanic that’s crucial to your survival as you get further into the game. In this guide, we’ll explain what breathing is, discuss the different types available, and finally rank them in a Project Slayers breathing tier list so you know which talents you should pursue first.

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Anyway, onto everything you need to know about Project Slayers Breathing.

A demon slayer with a sword looking out the sunset as he prepares for Project Slayers breeathing

What is Project Slayers breathing?

Project Slayers breathing is a mechanic that becomes available to you after you reach level 12, and there are four types – water, thunder, insect, and wind. In order to learn each one, you need to find the various teachers that know the craft.

Each breathing technique provides you with five unique moves, so it’s worth doing what you can to discover them all.

Project Slayers Water breathing

To discover how to use water breathing, you need to find the trainer inside Waroru Cave. However, make sure you have 5k wen in your pocket when you do.

Project Slayers Thunder Breathing

You need to head to Zapiwara Mountain to find the thunder breathing trainer, and you must have at least 5k wen to spend.

Project Slayers Insect breathing

Head to the Butterfly Mansion to learn all there is to know about insect breathing, but make sure you have at least 5k wen on you.

Project Slayers Wind breathing

To learn about wind breathing, head to a mark on the map known as ‘Wind Trainer’. As ever, make sure you have 5k wen with you.

Project Slayers breathing tier list

Rank Project Slayers breathing
S Wind breathing
A Water breathing, thunder breathing
B Insect breathing

There you have it, everything you need to know about Project Slayers breathing. For some less blocky action, check out our best anime games list.