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How to join the Project Slayers Discord

There’s a huge community and fan base for Project Slayers and you can be part of it, all you have to do is follow our Project Servers Discord guide

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If you like anime, and have a soft spot for Demon Slayer, you’d best head over to Roblox, a place where you can find many games that take inspiration from the popular franchise. One such experience is Project Slayers, a title in which you explore a vast map as you search for treasure, gain experience, and fight an assortment of enemies.

Should this sound like the game for you, head over to Roblox and give it a whirl. If it gives you good vibes you’re going to want to join the Project Slayers Discord server, the channel in which the team behind the game provide updates on in-game content. Who knows, you might even stumble across some Project Slayers codes.

Now that this Roblox game has you in its grasp, you might want to check out our Project Slayers tier list to discover what the best clans are and what chances you have of getting them. Or, to see what else the massive games platform has to offer, head over to our best Roblox games guide.

Anyway, onto how you can join the Project Slayers Discord.

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Where do I find the Project Slayers Discord?

The fastest way to find the Project Slayers Discord server is to visit the game’s official Roblox page, scroll down to social links, and there you can see the Discord button.

How do I join the Project Servers Discord?

Like a lot of Roblox creators, Project Servers (yes, the devs have the same name as the game) give you instant access to the Discord server. All you have to do is follow the Project Slayers Discord link and hit ‘accept invite’. There’s a huge community over there, so you’re bound to meet some friends to explore this virtual world with.

There you have it, everything you need to know to join the Project Servers Discord server. If you want some less blocky action, our list of the best anime games has some great suggestions.