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Project Slayers private server codes

When a Roblox game becomes popular, public servers become very crowded very quickly, but our Project Slayers private server codes can help you out

Project Slayers private server codes - a demon slayers reaching for his sword while he looks into the distance

August 2, 2022: We added two new Project Slayers private server codes to our list!

It’s fair to say that Project Slayers is one of the more popular experiences available on Roblox, and that’s likely because it takes a lot of inspiration from Demon Slayer, an anime and manga series with a huge following worldwide. Unsurprisingly, the game features a vast map that’s full of enemies, treasures, and other players.

Of course, as with any popular Roblox title, Project Slayers has an overcrowding issue on its public servers, but our Project Slayers private servers codes list can help you avoid the masses so that you may go on your journey in peace. However, while there are fewer players on these servers, they probably aren’t completely devoid of life.

Should you be after some valuable in-game goodies, you can check out our Project Slayers codes guide. We also happen to have a Project Slayers tier list, so you can discover who the best clans are, after which our Project Slayers breathing guide can help you put them to good use.

Project Slayers private server codes

How do I join a Project Slayers private server?

Joining a Project Slayers private server is easy, just follow these steps:

  • Fire up Roblox
  • Launch Project Slayers
  • Don’t hit play
  • Go to the right of the screen and select private server
  • Enter your code
  • Adventure in peace

There you have it, all of the current Project Slayers private server codes. For some less blocky action, fight your way over to our best anime games list.