Puzzle & Dragons Story blazes onto Apple Arcade

The Puzzle & Dragons Story release date is here, introducing a familiar match-three adventure on mobile but without the gacha mechanics.

Puzzle and Dragons Story release date: An image of three cute creatures from the game with blurred edges

Another popular franchise joins the hallowed halls of Apple Arcade with the Puzzle & Dragons Story release date. This installment combines the classic puzzle gameplay from the franchise with roleplaying elements to create a brand-new experience.

In Puzzle & Dragons Story you take on the role of a Root Hunter who is on a quest to save the continent of Libra from a mysterious calamity. Use the familiar match-3 game mechanics to navigate story, special, and colosseum dungeons to progress the narrative and level up your party.

If you’re familiar with Puzzle & Dragons, you might expect this installment to be a gacha game. Well, you’d be wrong as thanks to its inclusion in the library of over 200 Apple Arcade games, you don’t need to worry about microtransactions or getting lucky on a character lottery. To make it even more accessible, Puzzle & Dragons Story is available in 11 languages in over 150 countries.

When is the Puzzle & Dragons Story release date?

You’re in luck! Puzzle & Dragons Story is available now to all Apple Arcade subscribers. If you’re wondering, ‘what is Apple Arcade?’, head over to our guide to discover more about this amazing game subscription service.

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