Raid: Shadow Legends PC

Slay on multiple platforms today! Find out how to download Raid: Shadow Legends on PC and use the same account across PC and mobile with our dedicated guide

Raid Shadow Legends PC; a promotional illustration showing a group of heroes over a slain beast

We love playing mobile games on PC, and Raid: Shadow Legends is no exception – something about trading up a small screen for a big one really enhances a gaming experience. This is one of the reasons Raid: Shadow Legends PC is great to play – the game’s realistic graphics and hero models are enhanced by the upgrade. But it can be difficult to know where to start in bringing mobile games to desktop, but luckily for you, Plarium recently brought Raid: Shadow Legends to PC for real.

If you want to enhance your gaming experience, then PC is the perfect way to do it. Playing the Raid: Shadow Legends PC alternative can make learning how to play the game a little easier, as it eliminates the difficulty of a smaller screen and UI, but it also eliminates the added difficulty of those occasionally fiddly mobile controls.

Follow the advice in this Raid: Shadow Legends PC guide, and we’ll take you through the step-by-step of getting started, so you can download Raid: Shadow Legends on PC and play it on the big screen. You’ll be slaying monsters before you know it, and best of all you PC and mobile can share the same Raid: Shadow Legends account!

play Raid: Shadow Legends PC download

It’s surprisingly easy to boot up Raid: Shadow Legends on PC. Simply follow the link to the Raid Shadow Legends PC client and follow our instructions below:

  • Go to the Raid: Shadow Legends installation page on the Plarium website
  • Click download
  • When RaidSetup.exe downloads, open it up
  • Plarium Play will open – the official Raid: Shadow Legends PC platform
  • Once this has all installed, you are prompted to create account – enter a nickname, email address, and password, or log in using the same account you use on your mobile if you want to carry your progress across both platforms
  • Now you’re ready to start playing Raid: Shadow Legends on PC!
Get Raid: Shadow Legends on PC!

what is raid: shadow legends?

I’m glad you asked! Raid: Shadow Legends is a Gacha RPG that challenges you to create the ultimate team of Champions. The main campaign has you fighting through castles, dungeons, and keeps, defeating bosses to liberate the land of Teleria from the shadow.

That’s the long and the short of it. Raid also features a variety of in-game currencies that are used to buff characters. If you want specifics, check out our Raid: Shadow Legends guide.

And that’s all the info you need to get playing! However, if you just fancy playing Raid: Shadow Legends on mobile instead, you can download it on Google Play and the App Store.