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Realme GT 6 specs confirmation points to powerful processing

Realme has officially revealed some of the GT 6 specs ahead of launch, and we can’t wait to try out the new Geek Level Tuning feature.

Screenshot of the top of the Realme GT 6 from specs video on the official YouTube

With just over a week until the launch date, we’ve now got confirmation of the all-important Realme GT 6 specs, and it appears we can expect some serious performance power from the upcoming device. We’d heard rumors that the GT 6 might utilize a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, and with the brand now confirming that detail, we’ve got plenty of reason to be excited about what Realme is dubbing its ‘AI Flagship Killer’.

Not only is the Realme 6 GT arriving with a Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 SoC, one of the latest and greatest chipsets of our Qualcomm, but we’re also getting a new level of performance control with the Geek Level Tuning feature. From the promo image on X, it looks like this feature oversees CPU & GPU performance to offer the best quality gaming experience while also avoiding overheating.

The Geek Level Tuning feature isn’t the only thing keeping the Realme GT 6 cool, though. The new Realme GT 6 listing on the official site boasts about the phone having the “world’s largest 10014 mm2 Dual VC Cooling.” While there’s little explanation of how this works, just the promise of it makes us think the GT 6 could well be a future option for our list of the best gaming phones.

The release of the Realme GT 6 isn’t just exciting as it sounds like a fantastic premium phone, but also because of the promise of a global launch, which has become a rarity from the brand in recent years. Earlier this month we reported that Realme founder and CEO Sky Li had committed to bringing the phone to more regions, confirming its arrival in Europe. However, we still don’t know whether we can expect it to arrive in the US, so we’ll be tuning into the launch on June 20 to see if it’s going one better than Xiaomi and making the leap over to the States.

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