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The Roblox 17+ experiences experiment is struggling to build momentum

The introduction of Roblox 17+ experiences is a big risk for the platform, and it doesn’t seem to show any signs of fruition just yet.

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In a big change to the way many of us perceive the blocky platform, Roblox 17+ experiences are slowly starting to trickle through. While it’s still early days in terms of judging the success of this experiment, it certainly speaks to the platform’s desire to see more mature Roblox games as its young audience ages. However, the early numbers aren’t looking amazing.

Roblox first fully detailed the plans to introduce 17+ experiences in a post on its official blog in late June. The full post explains what is now possible in games made for older audiences, including allusions to drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, and gambling. The developer also revealed that you need to register a form of ID proving your age before jumping into a 17+ experience, presumably in an effort to deter younger players from trying to join in something not made for them.

From what we’ve seen of the Roblox 17+ experiences so far, it seems to be exactly what you’re anticipating. More sex, more violence, and fewer adorable pets to collect. Still, it doesn’t seem that any of the mature titles are picking up traction just yet. At the time of writing, I couldn’t find any 17+ experience with more than 100 players in the game, with most only hosting one or two users. Those aren’t exactly the sort of numbers we’re used to in Roblox.

It’s no surprise that the arrival of Roblox 17+ experiences has gone slightly under the radar, with the platform balancing maturing audiences with a consistent flow of young players arriving to play things like Adopt Me! and Blox Fruits. While it’s true that the Roblox audience is aging, there’s little proof that they’re migrating to more mature experiences, with many seemingly continuing to engage with the all-ages Roblox titles.

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It’s also worth pointing out that Roblox horror games have been able to thrive despite age limits for a long time now, with titles like Doors, Piggy, and Rainbow Friends managing to substitute gore while still keeping us in suspense. What exactly the addition of gore and further violence brings to the table isn’t clear, but there’s still more than enough time for some capable developers to make the most of the new age limitation function.

There is another caveat to the change in that users from South Korea, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia are currently missing out on 17+ Roblox experiences due to local laws stopping Roblox from branching out there. It’s entirely possible we see other countries follow suit and retroactively ban the change if there are problems with the age limitations, but it doesn’t seem to be an issue at this moment in time.

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Interestingly enough, it’s not actually a game embracing the violence and gore aspect that is currently leading the charge – charge is an overstatement – of 17+ experiences. The most popular game currently is Drink, a simple bar simulator, with over 90 live users at one time. As it’s our job, we’re sure to keep an eye on the 17+ experiences tab for anything gaining traction but don’t expect any hits anytime too soon.

With that, you’re up to date on the lukewarm reception of Roblox 17+ experiences. For some Roblox games you can engage with, check out our Grand Piece Online codes, Anime World Tower Defense codes, and Anime Fruit Simulator codes.