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Roblox Connect could give Second Life a run for its money

Roblox Connect has officially launched with open-source API, paving the way for the next generation of immersive life sims on the platform.

Roblox Connect: An animated Roblox avatar in front of a waterfall waving at the camera in a video call on an iPad. This is pasted on a blue PT background

After its announcement at RDC 2023, Roblox Connect has finally launched to Robloxians aged 13 and up. In what the platform is calling the “future of immersive communication”, this tool allows you to video call with your online friends using your Roblox avatars.

Roblox has slowly been adding features to allow for more immersive communication between players, such as voice chat and real-time animations for avatars, but Roblox Connect takes this to a new level. In addition, the platform is making the feature’s calling APIs open-source, meaning that Roblox game developers can start finding ways to integrate immersive communication into their experiences.

This opens up a whole range of possibilities for the future of games on the platform. Imagine you’re playing Roblox’s Brookhaven or another popular life sim and you can literally talk to your friends using your animated avatar and voice chat. Of course, this immediately raises some safety concerns, but Roblox Connect builds on the existing moderation and age-restriction policies of voice chat and facial animation, as well as introducing ways to block conversations, decline calls, and report players.

Roblox is confident that opening up Connect’s API to creators will help progress the future of communication on the platform, saying, “You will be able to utilize the exact same features and assets as the Connect experience, but we’re also confident that you will take the communication functionality to new and innovative heights.”

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