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FIFA and Roblox launch major update for collaborative experience

The Roblox FIFA World 2.0 update looks to offer a whole new experience by allowing Membership Association partners to different territories.

Roblox FIFA World 2.0 update players in a purple uniform in front of an arena and pitch

Football fans worldwide can rejoice thanks to the Roblox FIFA World 2.0 update, which sees some massive changes to the experience, offering a new virtual playground that’s full of fun activities for players to enjoy. Plus, this update is to make it easier for FIFA to work with its Member Association, leading to even more in-game content.

US Soccer and the DFB (the German Football Association) already have territories within the football game, and other Member Associations are looking to join them soon. Specifically, the US Soccer section is a great place to communicate with like-minded people as the organization wants to build a community. It’s especially exciting given the World Cup is in the US in 2026, and the US Soccer territory will include landmarks from the 11 cities that are set to host the tournament.

FIFA World has been a huge success in the two years since its launch, picking up numerous Webby Awards and boasting more than 21 million visits – sure, that’s not quite the same as Blade Ball’s billion visits, but it’s good for a Roblox sports game.

Beyond the territories from the Member Association, you can expect to skid into a simulation experience with some tycoon gameplay as you start at the bottom, the lowest possible level in football, and you must work your way up to the big leagues. To do so, you need to grow your assets, complete challenges, and do whatever it takes to upgrade your teams and stadiums. Truly, it’s a good option for those who like the managerial side of soccer.

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“FIFA World 2.0 represents our commitment to growing football by developing innovative ways for fans to engage with the sport,” says FIFA’s chief business officer Romy Gai. “The immersive experience on Roblox will provide football fans with exciting new ways to interact, celebrate, and show their creativity and national pride.”

While this certainly is exciting for football fans, it might not appeal quite so much to people who enjoy other sports, but you can check out our lists of the best basketball games, tennis games, and wrestling games on Switch and mobile for something different.