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Kids spent more time in Roblox games than any other app in 2022

Roblox game time among kids was higher than any other mobile app in 2022, according to report from parental controls group Qustodio.

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Children spent more time per day in Roblox than any other mobile app in 2022, according to a new report from Qustodio. With an average of three hours a day of screen time, Roblox is even more popular than TikTok, which had a little under two hours a day.

Roblox was also the most popular game across the US, UK, Spain, and Australia, with 59% of kids choosing Roblox globally, Clash Royale in second place with 24%, and Minecraft next with 23%.

The report says that while “time spent on Roblox only increased by 4% worldwide, it’s difficult to see how levels could get notably higher, with kids spending 180 minutes – 3 hours – on the programming game daily.”

Roblox was also the most blocked game among parents. “As seen with most categories in our report, children’s most popular apps tend to also be the most blocked, which explains why kids’ top 5 gaming apps are also reflected in the global blocking positions.

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“For the first year since our reporting began, Roblox climbed to become the most blocked game in Spain, reflecting parents’ worries surrounding inappropriate and adult content, and kids’ increased time on the platform across 2021 and 2022.”

This increase in time spent playing Roblox is reasonably large. In 2019, Roblox took up 78 minutes of playtime daily. Now, it has more than doubled, and it’s hard to imagine that rise slowing anytime soon.

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