Royale High answers – summer halo answers 2023

Get some snazzy accessories in Roblox with this season's Royale High answers, and flaunt your fashion all over the fantasy school locale.

Royale High answers: a character striking a fancy pose in front of a fountain

Wanna get your hands on a brand new and shiny halo in Royale High? Then look no further, as here are the Royale High answers to best ensure you have a shot at getting the Tidal Glow halo in the Roblox game. Answers and stories change each season, so keep checking back for new answers every few months so you don’t miss out on halo drops.

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Let’s fly into our list of the right Royale High answers.

Royale High summer halo answers

Below are the best options to choose to get a summer halo in Royale High. All these answers can give diamonds or XP, too, as there’s only a 10% chance of getting a halo item.

Story Answer
Scuba dive search C
Choosing a surfboard A, C
Pick a jet ski trip A, D
Missing pageant stylist A
Finding a lost necklace A
Hear a whisper, choose an activity C
Help Dominic A
Diamond Beach carnival trip A
Pick a summer job C
Underwater castle investigation A
Get an amulet from Fenix A
Frostbite Frozen Delights treats D
Naomi’s seashell contest A
Pick a volleyball team A
Face the sea monster C

What are Royale High answers?

These answers relate to stories you get when wishing at the Fountain of Dreams in Royale High. Each story is randomly given to you and has four different answers to choose from. One answer has a higher chance of giving you a halo item, but all answers can give XP, diamonds, or nothing. Some answers can actually take diamonds off you so keep to our list of safe choices.

Royale High answers: a character in front of a pink fountain in a forest

How do I use Royale High answers?

To test out these answers and try your luck, follow these steps:

  • Open up Royale High in Roblox
  • Teleport to Divinia Park
  • Head to the fountain in the middle of the park
  • Click the fountain and make a wish
  • Read the story and choose the correct answer from the table above

Then, you get a gift of – hopefully – a halo. Note that you can only answer one story every two hours, as the fountain needs to recharge energy.

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