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New Samsung ad mocks Apple’s marketing nightmare

Not one to miss out on an opportunity, a new tongue-in-cheek Samsung ad is turning Apple’s misery into its own marketing opportunity.

Screenshot from the Samsung ad, Uncrush, with a woman playing guitar among the remnants of the Apple crush

Following the crushing controversy surrounding Apple’s latest iPad marketing campaign, a new Samsung ad is making the most of the furor to promote its own product, the Galaxy Tab S9. It’s the tech equivalent of a negative political ad, and we’re sure there’s no love lost between the two smartphone market leaders following the commercial going live on social media.

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 ad shows a woman walking through what looks like the aftermath of the infamous crushing commercial before picking up a partially ruined guitar. She takes the guitar, whips out her Samsung tablet, and plays along to some sheet music on the screen. The ad ends with the words “creativity cannot be crushed”, an on-the-nose jab that is sure to elicit strong responses from anyone who has picked a side in the ongoing iPhone vs. Samsung debate.

As we reported following last week’s iPad launch, Apple’s iPad ad starring a hydraulic press went down with the general public like a lead balloon. The brand later issued an apology, but by then, the ad had done its damage. Samsung’s new ad is effectively rubbing salt in the wound, and after just a few hours online, it’s already doing some big numbers on social media. We don’t even want to know what the vibe is like in the Apple marketing department right now.

Still, some are pointing out the hypocrisy of Samsung’s response, considering how the brand is leading the line in terms of Android devices introducing AI capabilities. The fury surrounding Apple’s iPad ad campaign wasn’t just about the destruction of creative tools but also creativity itself, with creative types increasingly concerned about the prospect of AI tools infringing on their livelihoods. It’s a bit of a pot calling the kettle black situation, and we don’t doubt Apple execs are pondering ways to clap back.

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