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Samsung Galaxy S24 Series sales see an improvement over the S23

The new Samsung Galaxy S24 Series sales numbers show a significant improvement for the brand in Europe, the US, and at home in Korea.

Screenshot from the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra promo video of the phone's lock screen for Samsung Galaxy S24 Series sales news

The first reports of Samsung Galaxy S24 Series sales are starting to emerge, and you can practically hear the bottles of champagne popping from the Korean tech giant’s HQ. If the brand was hoping that the innovations of Galaxy AI might bring in more customers, it seems it was right on the money.

According to a Yonhap News report using data from Counterpoint Research, the S24 Series sales are up 8% globally compared to where the S23 Series was at this point last year. This increase is mainly due to a significant increase in specific markets, including an uptick of 22% in Korea, 28% in Western Europe, and 14% in the US. We’re sure that news of an improvement in Europe and the US is particularly welcome, with these regions the biggest battlegrounds for the iPhone vs. Samsung rivalry.

While the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra accounted for nearly two-thirds of S23 Series sales last year, the S24 Series lineup sales are a bit more evenly spread. The premium model, the S24 Ultra, still leads the way with 52% of sales. The S24 base model accounts for 27%, while the S24+ lingers behind a little with 21%.

We’re sure the news of Samsung Galaxy S24 Series sales is cause for some celebration at Samsung, especially with reports earlier this year suggesting that Apple had finally overtaken the Android brand as the biggest smartphone company globally in terms of sales. We’ll have to wait until the start of 2025 to see if the boost offered by the S24 sales, and a lot also depends on how the smartphone industry receives the upcoming iPhone 16, but it’s looking optimistic for Samsung ahead of the release of the Z Flip 6, Z Fold 6, and a rumored triple foldable phone.

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There you have it, the latest on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series sales figures from Counterpoint Research. For more on the latest Androids, check out our Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review or see our guides to the best Samsung phones, best Xiaomi phones, and best Google Pixel phones.