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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 specs rumors point to a thinner follow-up

Fresh Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 specs rumors are emerging via social media, with some impressive improvements seemingly in the works.

Screenshot of a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 from promotional video showing the side of the phone for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 specs rumors news

Following the release of the S24 Series, it looks like Samsung has big plans for what’s next, that is if the latest Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 specs rumors hold any truth. With more brands entering the foldable market, including big names like HONOR and OnePlus, it’s more important than ever that Samsung finds a way to stand apart from the crowd, so we’re not surprised to hear that the Korean tech giant is planning some significant upgrades to its marquee folding handset.

The latest rumor is courtesy of an X post from noted leaker Chun Bhai (via Android Authority), offering multiple details about the upcoming foldable phone. According to Bhai, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 is slightly wider and much thinner than its predecessor at roughly 11mm when folded, utilizes a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, and is a predominantly titanium build. Little of this comes as a shock, with many expecting Samsung to upgrade the chipset of the Z Fold series to the latest Qualcomm offering and move forward with titanium builds following the positive reception of the S24 Ultra, which also uses the metal alloy.

The leaker also points out that, according to their sources, the Z Fold 6 doesn’t include an S Pen slot and may have the same megapixel count across the triple-camera set-up as the Z Fold 5. This potentially points to an ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’ ethos from Samsung, which is understandable following the success of the Z Fold 5. Still, it may come as a disappointment to some who were hoping that any change in design might include a dedicated slot for the S Pen.

Of course, like all leaks and rumors, it’s best to take this latest information with a pinch of salt until we get official confirmation from Samsung. It’s also worth pointing out that this might not be the brand’s only new foldable phone in 2024. As we reported earlier this month, there’s the possibility of a Samsung triple foldable phone arriving in the first half of the year, with the company racing Huawei behind the scenes to bring the first tri-fold device to market. Could the arrival of a new folding flagship see the Z Fold 6 kicked out of the limelight? We might find out before too long.

Screenshot of Chun Bhai's X post with details on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 specs rumors in the copy

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