Samsung Galaxy S23 price slashed following the reveal of the new S24

We anticipated a Samsung Galaxy S23 price drop after the launch of the next generation of Samsung devices, but it's not all-encompassing.

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Samsung has slashed the Samsung Galaxy S23 price after the big launch of the Galaxy S24 Series. The base model of last year’s flagship series is coming down to just $699, down $100 on its launch price of $799. The base S24 now occupies that higher price point, leaving consumers to decide whether they want the latest smartphone or a slightly older molder that’s still pretty impressive compared to many other mid-to-high-range Android devices.

While Samsung used the S24 devices to showcase the potential of the new Galaxy AI features during Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024, the company also revealed that it plans on bringing some of this AI capability to slightly older Samsung phones, presumably including the S23. Considering the S23 and S24 have plenty in common, including camera specs and charging speeds, one of the features to separate the two is that the S24 gets seven years of security and OS updates, while the S23 only has four years of OS and five years of security patches, now down to three and four years, respectively.

Interestingly, the premier model of the S23 series, the S23 Ultra, hasn’t seen a price cut following the reveal of the S24 Ultra. However, this is probably because Samsung is launching the S24 Ultra starting at $1,299, $100 more than the price of the S23 Ultra on its release date. All that leaves is the S23+, which hasn’t seemed to change in price either, despite the S24+ retailing at a lower starting point than the S23 Series’ middle child.

While we might see the S23 Ultra decline in value over the next few months, the tech brand seems set on maintaining the pricing structure for the time being. It’s also important to note that these prices are all in line with Samsung’s own RRP, and you might be able to get any of the products we’ve mentioned cheaper via individual retailers or contract providers.

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With that, you’re up to date on the Samsung Galaxy S23 price drop to $699, with the phone $100 cheaper than it was just a couple of days ago. For more of the best Android phones out there, check out our lists of the best Xiaomi phones and the best OnePlus phones. Or, if you’re trying to decide between an Apple or Samsung device, see our guide to iPhone vs Samsung.