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Roblox game SandBox breaches the 50 million visits milestone

SandBox, a copycat of the classic Falling Sand Game, has just reached an impressive milestone in terms of its lifetime Roblox visits.

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While many Roblox games might seem chaotic and overwhelming to some of us born in the 1990s and before, the news that there are over 50 million SandBox visits makes for nostalgic reading. For those who don’t know, this experience is essentially a carbon copy of the classic 2005 Java title Falling Sand Game, also known as Hell of Sand, offering the youth of today the experience of discovering just how entertaining it can be to let tiny grains of sand fall from the sky. Oh, and lava. You can’t forget the lava.

While SandBox isn’t the only Falling Sand Game imitator on Roblox, it is seemingly the most popular, with Roblox stats site RoMonitor breaking the news of the 50 million visits on X (Twitter). Though Roblox horror games and anime games might continue to dominate the top spots on the charts, it’s heartening to see something a little different do well, and by something different, I mean something I can understand.

Of course, it’s worth pointing out that SandBox developer focasing isn’t the only one to borrow from the Falling Sand Game formula outside of the Roblox platform, with games such as Noita, The Powder Toy, and The Sandbox all offering a spin on the sub-genre over the years. However, SandBox is much more faithful to the original version, including many of the same falling elements, such as rock, water, acid, fire, and, of course, sand.

It’s impressive to see SandBox get to such a high user number, but it’s also important to remember that on Roblox, 50 million visits still doesn’t get you into the upper echelon of some of the most played games. To put it into perspective, Blade Ball reached three billion lifetime visits at the start of this month in less than half the time SandBox took to reach 50 million. Still, it’s almost comforting to see that there’s still space for the classics in the mess of Skibidi Toilet games and anime rip-offs, even if this one doesn’t look like topping the Top Rated list anytime soon.

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With that, you’re up to date on the news that SandBox visits are over 50 million. While you’re here, be sure to check out our dedicated Roblox promo codes and Roblox game codes guides. The latter includes links to Blade Ball codes, Grimoires Era codes, and Anime Last Stand codes.