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Shindo Life spawn list

A full list of every Roblox Shindo Life spawn time for each location, featuring items, tools, weapons, sub-abilities, and companions.

Shindo Life spawn - art for Shindo Life in Roblox with a fantastical woman in the middle parting her long silver hair to reveal silver skinned face surrounded by fiery anime characters in red and blue.

There’s a lot to do in Shindo Life’s RPG mode, but sometimes it can be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for or to even know where to look for it in the first place. That’s where our Shindo Life spawn list comes in. We’ve gathered together the spawn times for every weapon, sub-ability, and companion so you know which region to find them in and what time they generally appear.

Whether you’re looking for a specific weapon, mode, or jujutsu, our Shindo Life spawn list can most likely help you find whatever it is you’re looking for.

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Shindo Life spawn list

Here‘s our list of Shindo Life spawn times split into three sections: weapons, sub-abilities, and companions. For each, we’ve included the region and the time.

All times are in EST (Rell Games’ timezone) and, as they spawn twice a day, are both AM and PM. Everything is in alphabetical order, if you’re looking for a specific item (or try ctrl+f on your keyboard!).

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Name Time Location
Air control 7:15 Dunes
Air style – Odama spirit bomb 1:30 Training fields
Akuma eternal hand 12:20 Ember
Bat cursed spirit 2:15 Forest of embers
Captain Jokei 5:30 Obelisk
Chu tailed spirit gen two 7:10 Dunes village
Cobra spirit awaken 2:35 Obelisk
Cobra stretch mode 7:45 Tempest
Confusion illusion technique 8:10 Blaze
Demon gate spirit 3:30 Ember
Demon warp 2:45 Forest of embers
Demonic spirit 2:45 Haze
Divination spirit 2:20 Blaze
Dunes fate spirit 4:30 Dunes
Eagle companion 9:15 Nimbus
Ember fate spirit 5:25 Ember
Exploding vanishing image 6:30 Forest of embers
Finite strength spirit 2:45 Training fields
Fire shurikens 9:30 Forest of embers
Flame control 5:10 Ember
Gai tailed spirit gen two 8:25 Nimbus
Great spiralling spirit bomb 12:15 Great Narumaki bridge
Haze fate spirit 6:20 Haze
Heavenly spirit 6:45 Dunes
Heavenly wall 3:10 Obelisk
Isu tailed spirit gen two 9:30 Haze
Jayramaki frog spirit 2:45 Ember
Kor tailed spirit gen two 6:10 Ember
Ku tailed spirit gen two 12:10 Obelisk
Lightning shurikens 10:10 Training fields
Liquid control 3:20 Haze
Mao tailed spirit gen two 3:10 Nimbus
Medical mode-transfer 11:35 Ember
Multi-vanishing clones 12:25 Ember
Narumaki barrage 1:15 Great Narumaki bridge
Narumaki toad spirit 2:45 Ember
Narumaki vanishing clone 2:10 Great Narumaki bridge
Narumaki vanishing multi-clone 3:25 Great Narumaki bridge
Nimbus fate spirit 8:10 Nimbus
Obelisk fate spirit 7:30 Obelisk
Peekaboo jutsu 11:20 Training fields
Reality style – warp 12:45 Ember
Reality talk 5:35 Blaze
Reaper spirit 8:25 Forest of embers
Reaper spirit (SL2) 7:25 Forest Of embers
Reptile cursed spirit 12:20 Blaze
Saberu suprise 1:50 Training fields
Sei tailed spirit gen two 10:10 Haze
Senko spirit bomb 4:15 Ember
Senko storm 5:40 Obelisk
Shock cloak 7:35 Nimbus
Shock control 9:25 Nimbus
Shock style – dual electro 2:45 Forest of embers
Shock style – electro blade 3:55 Ember
Shockslam technique 3:35 Obelisk
Snail spirit awaken 5:20 Obelisk
Snake summon 3:35 Tempest
Specialist spirit 5:35 Ember
Spider cursed spirit 2:20 Training fields
Spirit bomb-shuriken rush 2:45 Ember
Spirit bomb-shuriken toss 2:45 Nimbus
Spirit spear 1:30 Training fields
Stone control 12:35 Obelisk
Su tailed spirit gen two 3:30 Dunes
Sun tailed spirit gen two 11:30 Obelisk
Super Odama spirit bomb 2:45 Forest of embers
Toad cursed spirit 1:20 Tempest
Toad summon 11:20 Tempest
Tree illusion technique 7:15 Ember
Vanishing clone: barrage 4:40 Ember
Vanishing image 2:45 Ember
Vanishing spirit bomb 4:25 Forest of embers
Water vanishing image 5:15 Obelisk
Wood vanishing image 3:10 Nimbus

Ninja tools

Name Time Location
Acrobat style 9:15 Nimbus
Air style fan 6:25 Dunes
Alphirama blade 9:40 Obelisk
Apollo blade 1:45 Great Narumaki bridge
Azim dual senko 2:50 Ember
Bankai blade 3:25 Training fields
Bomb blade 12:10 Haze
Bubble flute 1:40 Haze
Chi kunai 2:45 Ember
Chi rod toss 1:25 Blaze
Dagai sword 6:40 Dunes
Demon toss 2:40 Haze
Demon scythe 12:40 Dawn hideout
Dio senko blade 3:35 Ember
Dual chi rods 6:20 Blaze
Dual lightning 9:20 Haze
Dual-bladed scythe 9:45 Haze
Dunes chi blade 1:25 Dunes
Electro blade 5:50 Dunes
Ember chi blade 12:25 Ember
Forged umpire fan 12:00 Dawn hideout
Grass tanto 11:20 Dawn hideout
Hamaxe 9:10 Haze
Haze chi blade 3:25 Haze
Heaven blade 4:15 Tempest
Heroes water 12:10 Jejunes
Kokotsu blade 4:10 Obelisk
Moon staff 1:30 Forest of embers
Nimbus chi blade 2:25 Nimbus
Nimbus sword 7:25 Nimbus
Obelisk chi blade 11:25 Obelisk
Pika blade 8:32 Tempest
Plate of curry 2:25 Jejunes
Raion blade 5:25 Obelisk
Rice cake 4:20 Jejunes
Riser akuma blade 7:44 Tempest village
Riserdawn 8:55 Haze
Rykan blade 5:10 Haze
Saberu tanto 2:20 Training fields
Samurai tanto 7:45 Nimbus
Satori blade 5:10 Ember
Savage blade 11:25 Obelisk
Senko kunai 3:10 Ember
Shark sword 1:10 Dawn hideout
Shindai prime blade 4:25 Shindai valley
Shindai umpire fan 4:15 Dawn hideout
Shindo blade 7:55 Nimbus
Shiver tanto 5:45 Forest of embers
Shizen Raijin 6:15 Ember
SL2 bomb blade 2:15 Dunes
SL2 chi kunai 11:15 Ember
SL2 dual lightning 5:15 Haze
SL2 grass tanto 7:15 Obelisk
SL2 heaven blade 8:15 Dawn hideout
SL2 nimbus sword 12:15 Nimbus
SL2 senko kunai 3:15 Ember
SL2 shindai prime blade 4:15 Dawn hideout
SL2 slayer blade 1:15 Dawn hideout
SL2 thread blade 6:15 Haze
Slayer blade 8:40 Haze
Sound flute 7:40 Obelisk
Stone buster 10:40 Obelisk
Sun staff 3:15 Training fields
Super serum 6:15 Jejunes
Thread blade 9:30 Haze
Triple cobalt blade 10:25 Obelisk
Two bladed scythe 11:40 Obelisk
Umpire guitar 11:10 Obelisk

And that’s our list of Shindo Life spawn times. If you’re looking for the latest free spins in-game, be sure to check out our Roblox Shindo Life codes 2023 list, too. We’ve also got a Rell Seas release date guide so you can stay on top, Gregorian-style.