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Skyrim logo lore and meaning

The Skyrim logo is one of the most famous pieces of iconography in modern gaming, so let's look at its origin, what it's based on, who designed it, and more.

HD screenshot of the Skyrim logo of a dragon

There are few things more emblematic of Bethesda’s fifth installment of Elder Scrolls titles than the Skyrim logo. So, we’ve gone to the far reaches of the internet to find out exactly what the Skyrim logo stands for, and how it came about. Of course, you’re still free to have your own interpretation of what this iconic logo means, it’s just nice to know what developers intended the meaning for the symbol adorned on the box art to be.

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Anyway, here’s our Skyrim logo guide:

What is the Skyrim logo?

Known officially as ‘the seal of Akatosh’, Skyrim’s logo is not just a way for customers to recognize the game, but there’s some in-game lore behind it too. The seal of Akatosh is the emblem of the Empire in Skyrim, signifying the power of the original dragon and god of time Akatosh over the region.

Classic Skyrim logo with game title text underneath

If you know your Skyrim lore, you know that Akatosh is one of the most important characters when it comes to the land’s ancient history, with many believing that it’s his power that made life on the continent possible. Besides a few Akatosh easter eggs from his followers in Skyrim, it’s hard to piece together why exactly the dragon is still such a major figure in the culture of the land, and that doesn’t exactly change if you take the empire’s side in the ongoing civil war.

What is the Skyrim logo design?

The Skyrim logo looks like a dragon because, well, it’s based on the original firebreather himself, Akatosh. With a pointed dragon skull, protruding wings on either side of the body, and a zigzagging tail, it’s not too difficult to tell that this logo is a dragon, but if you need someone to tell you, there you are.

Black and white version of the Skyrim logo

Who designed the Skyrim logo?

Despite our digging, we unfortunately couldn’t find out who over at Bethesda designed the original Skyrim logo. It’s worth noting that on a AAA title like this, there are so many people involved in the creative process that it’s unlikely there’s one designer to take credit. We can only assume that the final logo came about through much collaboration to give us the iconic dragon symbol we all know.

But there you have it, all you need to know about the Skyrim logo, a particularly iconic piece of iconography. If you want some in-game tips, we have everything you need to know about Skyrim Lydia and Skyrim Serana as well as a helpful guide on Skyrim marriage if you fancy some pixelated marital bliss.