The best snake games 2023

Here are our picks for the best snake games on Nintendo Switch and mobile for when you want to give people the reptile runaround and charm your way to victory.

Snake games: A close-up of Noodle the Snake from Snake Pass.

Snakes are fascinating, terrifying, and adorable creatures that come in all colors and sizes, making them the perfect protagonists for a game. That’s why there are so many great snake games out there. Plus, thanks to a healthy dose of nostalgia, there’s a bunch of games like Snake on the market too for all you ex-brick phone owners.

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Let’s take a look at the best snake games and games like Snake on Switch and mobile.

Snake games: Key art for Snake Pass featuring Noodle the snake who is red with yellow and black bands, and Doodle the hummingbird, who is blue.

Snake Pass – Switch

Snake Pass is an adorable 3D physics puzzle platformer starring Noodle the snake and Doodle the hummingbird. Their mystical home Haven Tor has been disrupted and they must return it to its former tranquillity.

Use Noodle’s slithery body to navigate levels in a way that only a snake can!

Snake games: A screenshot from Snake Game on Switch showing a rainbow snake travelling around a white square.

Snake Game – Switch

Sometimes, you just wanna relive the simple joy of playing Snake on your Switch, and Snake Game provides you with just that.

Enjoy the timeless mobile game in four different modes – classic, retro, snake on steroids, and snake master, and try your best to beat the high score.

Snake games: A screenshot from Snake It Til You Make It.

Snake It ‘Til You Make It – Switch

It’s time to unleash the snakes! Take on solo obstacle courses or fight against other raging reptiles in a snake battle royale.

Customize your snake, snack on as many apples as you can, and become the ultimate snake champion!

Snake games: A screenshot from showing various colourful snakes on a black background. – mobile kicked off the massive boom in .io games, where you compete against players across the world to become the biggest cell, or in the case of, the biggest snake. Circle around smaller snakes to destroy them, absorb their remains, and become the longest snake in the arena. It’s way less gross than it sounds, we promise.

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Snake games: Three screenshots from Snake 97 of snake being played on old mobile phones.

Snake ‘97 – mobile

Another pick for fans of classic Snake is Snake ‘97, a mobile game that doesn’t just emulate the game, but also emulates the brick phones we used to play on as well.

The developer came up with this idea when they had to switch back to an old phone of theirs while waiting on smartphone repairs, and realized that Snake was missing from our new devices. Experience the first two Snake games with their classic dot matrix displays and monotone sounds.

Snake games: A zoomed in screenshot from Gravity Noodle showing a pink snake with white and black bands trying to cross a rope bridge in the sky.

Gravity Noodle – mobile

Control your snake as it completes obstacle courses in the sky! As the name suggests, this noodle is fighting against gravity to stay firmly wrapped around the bridges and ladders in the clouds to avoid falling to its doom.

Physics-based hilarity will ensue as you try and likely fail to navigate these airborne levels.

That’s it for our list of the best snake games on Switch and mobile. If all this slithering about has made you hungry, check out our list of the best cooking games. Or, see if you agree with our picks for the best Lego games and best Sonic games.