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Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster release date

The Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster lands early this year, allowing you to dive back into the FPS that led to the Star Wars: Jedi Knight series.

Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster release date: two storm stroopers in front of the bridge of a ship, one firing a gun and the other falling backwards

In 1995 Lucasfilm Games released Star Wars: Dark Forces for MS-DOS and Macintosh, coming to PlayStation the following year. Now, after nearly 20 years, it’s time to revisit the FPS as the Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster release date is very soon. So buckle up, rebels; Kyle Katarn and the Rebel Alliance need your assistance.

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Here’s everything we’ve got on the Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster release date.

When is the Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster release date?

The Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster release date is Wednesday February 28, 2024, for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. It boasts various improvements, including up to 4K resolution at 120FPS, depending on your platform of choice, as well as realistic lighting and atmospheric effects courtesy of 3D rendering.

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Is there a Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster trailer?

Yep! You can check out the Star Wars Dark Forces Remaster trailer above to get a glimpse of the fresh lick of paint on this absolute classic, showcasing not only the gameplay we’ve come to know and love, but also comparing the remastered cutscenes and content with the original.

What is the Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster?

Arguably one of the best Star Wars games of all time, Star Wars: Dark Forces boasts an impressive legacy, as its popularity led to the creation of the Star Wars: Jedi Knight series, with a direct sequel, Star Wars Jedi Knight, Dark Forces II releasing in 1997. Then, just two years later, the original Dark Forces hit the one million mark for copies sold in the US. Given the popularity of the KOTOR remasters, it’s hardly a surprise that the beloved FPS receives the same treatment.

You play as Kyle Katarn, a mercenary hired by the Rebel Alliance, a man who shares a murky history with the imperial army, leading him to leave the forces of the dark side and adopt a merc lifestyle. Naturally, he frequently takes jobs to help the rebels, including ones to recover plans for the Death Star and investigate an imperial base; the latter unveils the Dark Trooper Project, thrusting the game into action.

As you work to take down the project and fight the Imperial army, you need to navigate various levels as you use your blaster, thermal detonators, and explosive landmines to blast away your enemies. As the game initially takes place before Star Wars: A New Hope, before moving forward to one year after the film’s event, you can expect to come across some familiar faces such as Jabba the Hutt, Boba Fett, and, of course, Darth Vader.

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