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The best Stardew Valley mods in 2024 and how to install them

You haven’t lived until you use some Stardew Valley mods, and we’re here to show you how it's done on mobile and Steam Deck.

Stardew Valley mods - a modded farm on a mobile device

Our comprehensive Stardew Valley mods guide is here to help you install mods on your Android device and Steam Deck, while also highlighting some of the absolute best Stardew mods that you should download immediately. Look, we all love playing the smashing farming game on Switch, but I need a faster walking speed. And easier fishing.

Whether you’re new to Pelican Town or returning for the 1.6 update, we’ve got some helpful pages for you. Here’s how to find the Stardew Valley bookseller, all the Stardew Valley item codes you could ever need, and a handy list of every Stardew Valley character in the game.

How do I install Stardew Valley mods on mobile?

The good news is you can mod Stardew Valley on an Android device. The bad news is you can’t mod Stardew on iOS. You also can’t use mods if you’re playing the game through Game Pass Ultimate.

Now that’s out of the way, here’s how to use Stardew mods on an Android phone. For starters, you need to have the game downloaded – either as an APK file or through Google Play. Then, it’s a case of downloading SMAPI (the Stardew Modding API), which you’ll recognize if you’ve ever modded the game on PC.

You can download and install the SMAPI APK file right here. Once it’s downloaded, click the file to install it on your phone.

Then, it’s simply a case of heading to Nexus Mods and downloading as many mods as you like. Once you have the files downloaded to your device, unzip the files into your Stardew Valley/Mods folder. In order to use the mods in the game, open up the SMAPI app and run the game through that. There you go – rounder cows and easier fishing right at your fingertips!

How do I use Stardew Valley mods on Steam Deck?

For those of you who want to try modding Stardew on a Steam Deck, here’s a concise guide on how to do it.

  • First, make sure the game is downloaded
  • Switch to desktop mode via power settings in the Steam Deck’s menu
  • Once you’re using the desktop mode, head to Google (or whichever search engine you prefer), and search for SMAPI.
  • Download the latest version and unzip the file. You can find it in your downloads folder in your Deck’s file browser
  • Locate the Konsole file – you can search it or find it yourself
  • Drag and drop the ‘install on Linux’ file into the Konsole window

Then, head back into the Steam app, locate Stardew Valley, and follow these steps:

  • Open the properties menu on Stardew Valley
  • Head to the local files (or installed files on newer Decks) tab
  • Hit browse
  • The easiest way to do the next bit is to find the file location “Home > Local > Share > Steam > steamapps > common”. In there, you’ll find the Stardew Valley folder
  • Copy the folder’s location, and drop it into the Konsole box, too

For an easy-to-follow, visual step-by-step guide, here’s a very handy video by GamingOnLinux.

YouTube Thumbnail

Once this is all done, you can then head to Nexus Mods and go wild with browsing mods. Download any and all that you like, and then unzip the downloaded folders into the same file location you copied above.

Can I use Stardew Valley mods on Switch?

Sorry, handheld fans, you can’t mod Stardew Valley on Switch. Whether or not this is something we can do on Nintendo’s next console currently remains a mystery, but don’t try anything on your current Switch or it may go awry.

Stardew Valley mods - a farmhouse featured in the Stardew Valley Expanded mod

The best Stardew Valley mods

Now that you’re set up correctly, let us introduce a few of our favorite picks for the best Stardew Valley mods, all updated for version 1.6.

CJB Item Spawner and Cheats Menu

OK, so these are two mods, but they basically go hand-in-hand. The CJB Item Spawner, as the name suggests, lets you pick and choose any item to spawn immediately in your inventory. Want 999 eggs? Done. A single piece of fence because you blew one up? Also done.

The CJB Cheats Menu opens up an entirely new world of opportunities. I personally use it to change the walk speed of my character just a little bit, but you can use the menu to teleport around, stop time, change time, increase your money, health, or skill levels – you name it, this mod can probably do it.

Fishing Made Easy

Stardew Valley’s fishing makes me want to tear my hair out. It’s easier on PC than it is on Switch and other handheld consoles, but I still don’t like it. Therefore I recommend the Fishing Made Easy mod that can completely skip the minigame, or simplify it by making sure the bar does not decrease when you move off the fish for a millisecond.

Tractor Mod

Why a tractor isn’t an actual item in Stardew Valley, I’ll never know – but with this mod, you can have one. It even comes with a garage to build. Riding around on this tractor not only scoops up your crops, it also tills the ground, breaks down rocks, weeds, and twigs, and can even water your crops! It’s a superb multi-tool that you can tweak to your liking, so if you don’t want it to shear wool from your sheep as it feels weird riding over to them on a vehicle, you can edit the mod to only pick up vegetables and plants.

NPC Map Locations

Be honest, how many times have you gone looking for Mayor Lewis to give his shorts back, only to find he’s wandered off somewhere? Well, with the NPC Map Locations mod, you can see exactly where everyone is at all times, as icons of their heads appear on your in-game map. Try getting away from me now, Sebastian.

Animals Don’t Remove Grass

If you’re a fan of the animal farming path in Stardew, you’ll know how quickly those chickens can chomp through an entire field of grass. This mod means that animals can eat as much as they want, but the grass won’t disappear – saving you precious time, effort, and gold so you don’t have to replant your field every week.

Stardew Valley Expanded

Last but not least is one of the most impressive mods you can get for Stardew. Perhaps Pelican Town isn’t enough for you, and you want more. Download this mod and you can have just that. Expanded adds 27 new NPCs, a ton of locations, new fish, farm maps, and so many events you’ll need a whole new save file to take part.

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