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All Stardew Valley item codes for update 1.6

Need some new seeds or perhaps a gold nugget node? Use these Stardew Valley item codes from the 1.6 update to get ahead of the game and grow some squash.

Stardew Valley item codes - items surrounding a chest on a pink background

Ok, look, we’ve all been there – you blow up your farm and lose a precious machine. Thankfully, with these Stardew Valley item codes, you can replace your accidentally lost produce without modding your game. Is it cheating? Sort of, but ConcernedApe never patched it out of the game, so therefore we’re alright with it. Read on for all the latest item codes in the 1.6 update.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Stardew Valley item codes.

What are Stardew Valley item codes?

Stardew Valley item codes relate to every single thing in the game. That’s animals, crops, furniture, artifacts, fish, and things you find on the floor – you name it, it’s got a code. The codes are either a small string of numbers or a descriptor for the item. With these codes, you can spawn in items. It’s sort of a cheat, but sometimes you’ve just got to get a prismatic shard the easy way.

How do I use Stardew Valley item codes?

There are a couple of ways to use these codes, and neither require you to download anything or mod your game. Given that you can’t mod your game on Switch, these codes come in very handy.

The first method is to buy an animal from Marnie and name it the item code of the thing you wish to spawn. For example, if you purchase a chicken and then name it [Broccoli], a broccoli item spawns into your inventory. This only works once, so make sure you choose something good.

Some of the item codes are too long to do this with, so you may need to use the second method involving Stardew Valley’s Gus. For this, all you need to do is name your character with the corresponding item code, or more than one if you can fit it.

You can go to the Wizard’s basement and change your character’s name with the golden statue in his back room as much as you want, so if you suddenly really need a hot pepper and a crab, you can easily get one. Once you name yourself something fancy like [Raisins][Goby], head to the Saloon and talk to Gus. He’s the most reliable as he says your name whenever you talk to him, but really any character that calls you by name can spawn the items into your inventory.

Can I use Stardew Valley item spawning cheat on Switch and mobile?

You can use these item codes on Switch, mobile, and every other platform. It does not change your game files or add any outside software.

Stardew Valley item codes - a textbox with an item code in it in the game

All Stardew Valley item codes

Stardew Valley 1.6 item codes

Fair warning, if you don’t want spoilers for new items, look away now. Though, if you’re here, you’re probably past that point. Below you can find all the item codes for Stardew Valley’s 1.6 update, where some more rocks, fish, and seeds join our inventories. There’s also a section of readable books, too.

Book item codes

These are all the skill books available in Stardew Valley.

Code Item
Animal Catalogue
[Book_Artifact] Treasure Appraisal Guide
[Book_Bombs] Dwarvish Safety Manual
[Book_Crabbing]  The Art O’Crabbing
[Book_Defense]  Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Thick
[Book_Diamonds]  The Diamond Hunter
[Book_Friendship]  Friendship 101
[Book_Grass]  Ol’ Slitherlegs
[Book_Horse]  Horse: The Book
[Book_Marlon]  Mapping Cave Systems
[Book_Mystery]  Book of Mysteries 
[Book_PriceCatalogue]  Price Catalogue
[Book_QueenOfSauce]  Queen of Sauce Cookbook
[Book_Roe]  Jewels of the Sea
[Book_Speed]  Way of the Wind pt. 1
[Book_Speed2]  Way of the Wind pt. 2
[Book_Trash]  The Alleyway Buffet
[Book_Void]  Monster Compendium
[Book_WildSeeds]  Raccoon Journal
[Book_Woodcutting]  Woody’s Secret
[PurpleBook]  Book of Stars
Stardew Valley Almanac
Bait and Bobber
Woodcutter’s Weekly
Mining Monthly
Combat Quarterly

Crop item codes

Here are the codes for seeds, grown crops, and produce introduced in 1.6.

Code Item
Broccoli Seeds
Carrot Seeds
Dried Fruit
Dried Mushrooms
Mixed Flower Seeds
Mystic Tree Seed
Powdermelon Seeds
Summer Squash
Summer Squash Seeds

Fishing item codes

A few underwater critters came to the game in 1.6, so here are their item codes along with some bait and bobbers.

Code Item
Cave Jelly
[ChallengeBait]  Challenge Bait
[DeluxeBait]  Deluxe Bait
[Goby]  Goby
[GoldenBobber]  Golden Bobber
[TroutDerbyTag]  Golden Tag
[RiverJelly]  River Jelly
[SeaJelly]  Sea Jelly
[SmokedFish]  Smoked Fish
[SonarBobber] Sonar Bobber

Mining item codes

A new Stardew Valley update wouldn’t be complete without some rock deposits, so here are the codes to spawn the corresponding items.

Code Item
[CalicoEgg]  Calico Egg
Calico Egg Stone
Calico Egg Stone 1
Calico Egg Stone 2
Coal Node
Coal Node 2
Gold Stone
Pot of Gold deposit
Volcano Coal Node
Volcano Coal Node 2

Stardew Valley item codes - a green rain storm on a farm overrun with weeds

Miscellaneous item codes

This section covers other items including artifact spots, transport items, rewards, and tools.

Code Item
Artifact Spot
Blue Grass Starter
Butterfly Powder
Far Away Stone
Gold Coin
Golden Animal Cracker
Golden Mystery Box
Green Rain Weeds 
Green Rain Weeds 1
Green Rain Weeds 2
Green Rain Weeds 3
Green Rain Weeds 4
Green Rain Weeds 5
Green Rain Weeds 6
Green Rain Weeds 7
[Moss] Moss
[MossSoup] Moss Soup
[MossySeed] Mossy Seed
[MysteryBox] Mystery Box
[MysticSyrup] Mystic Syrup
[PetLicense] Pet License
[PrizeTicket] Prize Ticket
[StardropTea] Stardrop Tea
[TentKit] Tent Kit
[TreasureTotem] Treasure Totem

Cooking and food item codes

Here are item codes for all the foodstuffs – that’s cooked meals and ingredients – in the game.

Code Item
[194] Fried Egg
[195] Omelet
[196] Salad
[197] Cheese Cauliflower
[198] Baked Fish
[199] Parsnip Soup
[200] Vegetable Medley
[201] Complete Breakfast
[202] Fried Calamari
[203] Strange Bun
[204] Lucky lunch
[205] Fried mushrooms
[206] Pizza
[207] Bean hotpot
[208] Glazed yams
[209] Carp surprise
[210] Hashbrowns
[211] Pancakes
[212] Salmon dinner
[213] Fish taco
[214] Crispy bass
[215] Pepper poppers
[216] Bread
[218] Tom Kha Soup
[219] Trout Soup
[220] Chocolate Cake
[221] Pink Cake
[222] Rhubarb Pie
[223] Cookie
[224] Spaghetti
[225] Fried Eel
[226] Spicy Eel
[227] Sashimi
[228] Maki Roll
[229] Tortilla
[230] Red Plate
[231] Eggplant Parmesan
[232] Rice Pudding
[233] Ice Cream
[234] Blueberry Tart
[235] Autumn’s Bounty
[236] Pumpkin Soup
[237] Super Meal
[238] Cranberry Sauce
[239] Stuffing
[240] Farmer’s Lunch
[241] Survival Burger
[242] Dish O’ The Sea
[243] Miner’s Treat
[244] Roots Platter
[245] Sugar
[246] Wheat flour
[247] Oil
[253] Triple Shot Espresso
[271] Unmilled rice
[279] Magic Rock Candy
[303] Pale Ale
[403] Field Snack
[456] Algae Soup
[457] Pale Broth
[459] Mead
[604] Plum Pudding
[605] Artichoke Dip
[606] Stir Fry
[607] Roasted Hazelnuts
[608] Pumpkin Pie
[609] Radish Salad
[610] Fruit Salad
[611] Blackberry Cobbler
[612] Cranberry Candy
[618] Bruschetta
[648] Coleslaw
[649] Fiddlehead Risotto
[651] Poppyseed Muffin
[727] Chowder
[730] Lobster Bisque
[728] Fish Stew
[729] Escargot
[731] Maple Bar
[732] Crab Cakes
[733] Shrimp Cocktail
[873] Piña Colada
[874] Bug Steak
[903] Ginger Ale
[904] Banana Pudding
[905] Mango Sticky Rice
[906] Poi
[907] Tropical Curry
[921] Squid Ink Ravioli

Artifact item codes

The codes in this section relate to artifacts you can donate to the Pelican Town Library, including gemstones and more.

Code Item
[96] Dwarf scroll I
[97] Dwarf scroll  II
[98] Dwarf scroll III
[99] Dwarf scroll IV
[100] Chipped amphora
[101] Arrowhead
[102] Lost book
[103] Ancient doll
[104] Elvish jewelry
[105] Chewing stick
[106] Ornamental fan
[107] Dinosaur egg
[108] Rare disc
[109] Ancient sword
[110] Rusty spoon
[111] Rusty spur
[112] Rusty cog
[113] Chicken statue
[114] Ancient seed
[115] Prehistoric tool
[116] Dried starfish
[117] Anchor
[118] Glass shards
[119]  Bone flute
[120] Prehistoric handaxe
[121] Dwarvish helm
[122] Dwarf gadget
[123] Ancient drum
[124] Golden mask
[125] Golden relic
[126] Strange doll
[127] Strange doll
[557] Petrified slime
[577] Fairy stone
[578] Star shards
[579] Prehistoric scapula
[580] Prehistoric tibia
[581] Prehistoric skull
[582] Skeletal hand
[583] Prehistoric rib
[584] Prehistoric vertebra
[585] Skeletal Tail
[586] Nautilus fossil
[587] Amphibian fossil
[588] Palm fossil
[589] Trilobite
[538] Alamite
[539] Bixite
[540] Baryte
[541] Aerinite
[542] Calcite
[543] Dolomite
[544] Esperite
[545] Fluorapatite
[546] Geminite
[547] Helvite
[548] Jamborite
[549] Jagoite
[550] Kyanite
[551] Lunarite
[552] Malachite
[553] Neptunite
[554] Lemon stone
[555] Nekoite
[556] Orpiment
[558] Thunder egg
[559] Pyrite
[560] Ocean stone
[561] Ghost crystal
[562] Tigerseye
[563] Jasper
[564] Opal
[565] Fire opal
[566] Celestine
[567] Marble
[568] Sandstone
[569] Granite
[570] Basalt
[571] Limestone
[572] Soapstone
[573] Hematite
[574] Mudstone
[575] Obsidian
[576] Slate

For item codes of all previous in-game additions, check out the Stardew Valley vanilla ID’s page right here. Well, there you go, now you can cover Pelican Town with all manner of weeds at any time of year. If you’re bored of farming and want to flirt, here are our guides to the town’s best bachelors – Stardew Valley Sebastian, Stardew Valley Emily, Stardew Valley Leah, and Stardew Valley Elliott.