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Pokémon fan finally gives us the Starmie evolution we deserve

Thanks to one dedicated fan we finally know what Starmie’s evolution could look like, and we’re here for the cosmic Pokémon.

Starmie evolution: Starmie in front of of a map of Kanto

Pokémon fans are great. They’re forever coming up with new designs and ideas for the franchise, and this time it’s for Starmie’s evolution. Not only is there a drawing of the Pokémon, but this fan has put together stats, abilities, and a moveset for ‘the quasi-stellar Pokémon’ known as Starius.

As you all know, Starmie is a gen 1 Pokémon and is the second and final stage of the Staryu evolution line. Well, given the fact that the gen 9 Pokémon lineup features an evolution for Primeape, it feels criminal that the fan-favorite water-type from Kanto is yet to get the same treatment. Well, thanks to a Reddit thread from user danielquasar, we want a Starmie evolution more than ever.

Their design for the creature isn’t too different from Starmie, but it’s a bit bigger and its arms curve slightly – it’s an elegant design befitting of the dual water and fairy Pokémon. However, a fellow fan, pengie9290, states that while ‘it’s cool,’ the design ‘looks way too similar to the original Starmie.’ While we can see the side of that argument, the curves do help to give the design a more cosmic feel. Plus, another fan, HUGE_HOG, makes a valid point that other Pokémon, such as Primeape, Marowak, and Rapidash, also look similar to their previous stages.

As for what Starius brings to the table, its total stats sit at 600, making this third-stage Pokémon a beast in a battle – a true threat to dark Pokémon everywhere. Its moveset features confuse ray, moonlight, expanding force, and flip turn with the abilities to levitate and psychic surge.

Starmie evolution concept design in front of a blue PT background

For years now, we’ve longed for a Starmie evolution, and we have to admit, we’re on board with Starius, even if it doesn’t look too different from its previous form. If Starius has you wondering who’s the best out of the existing fairy and water Pokémon, make sure you check out our guides. You could also look at our fairy Pokémon weakness and water Pokémon weakness guides to see who could beat Starius in battle.