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The best fairy Pokémon in Pokémon Go

Dazzle the competition, and charm your way to victory, with the best fairy Pokémon in Pokémon Go, including some surprising entries.

Fairy Pokemon - Togekiss, Sylveon, Clefable, Wigglytuff, and Granbull in front of a bright background

We do believe in fairy Pokémon, we do, we do. Not only are fairy-types in Pokémon Go gorgeous to look at (seriously, just look at Sylveon and Alolan Ninetales), but they also pack a mighty punch on the battlefield, and can wipe the floor with the opposition under the right circumstances,  while most of them happen to have a secondary-type too, which broadens their horizons. So, who exactly is the fairest of them all?

If you’re trying to defend your fairies, check out our fairy Pokémon weakness guide. Alternatively, you could surf some waves with these water Pokémon, search the shadows with dark Pokémon, or treat every day like it’s Halloween and see what mischief you and these ghost Pokémon can get up to.

Either way, it’s time to dive into our picks for the best fairy Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

fairy Pokémon Togekiss


Fast attack: Charm
Charged attack: Dazzling gleam

If you want a solid fairy Pokémon, Togekiss is one you really should consider. It is a force of nature, and we strongly suggest you put the effort in and learn how to evolve Togepi to make sure you can have one on your team, especially if you’re in the market for a fairy Pokémon. In Pokémon Go, Togekiss is a hard hitter that can also withstand some damage, a pretty great combination if you ask us.

Togekiss comes in at number 468 in the Pokédex, debuting in generation four, two generations after the introduction of its first stage, Togepi. According to its various Pokédex entries, it’s quite rare to see a Togekiss as these docile creatures prefer to avoid strife and conflict, which, sadly, the world is full of. Still, if you’re one of the lucky ones, Togekiss is regarded as a “bringer of blessings,” so you might come into some good fortune, especially if you’re a respectful individual who wants to do good in the world. Or it might simply mean that you’re in a land where peace reigns over conflict.

Besides being a fairy Pokémon, Togekiss falls under the flying Pokémon category, too, so it’s wise to consult our flying Pokémon weakness guide should you face one.

fairy Pokémon Gardevoir


Fast attack: Charm
Charged attack: Dazzling gleam

Gardevoir is arguably one of the most powerful fairy Pokémon in any game it appears in, since the addition of its secondary typing in generation five, and that goes for Pokémon Go too. Plus, just look at her; what a gorgeous and ethereal being. If you want a solid fairy-type that can withstand damage, and dish out a vicious assault through special attacks, all at top speed, this is the ‘mon for you – plus, this Pokémon really does look good when it picks up the win. So majestic.

Gardevoir is number 282 in the Pokédex, which makes her Hoenn native, being part of the gen three lineup. Interestingly, in Saphire, Ruby, and Emerald, Gardevoir is purely a psychic-type, it’s not until the sixth generation that she became part fairy. When we say that Gardevoir is a mind reader, we mean it, her Pokédex entry states that she can read the future. She’s also fiercely loyal to her trainer, willing to lay down her life to protect them if needs be.

Remember, the female final stage of the Ralts evolution line is also partly a psychic Pokémon, so make sure you read our psychic Pokémon weakness guide to punch some holes in her defense.

fairy Pokémon Granbull


Fast attack: Charm
Charged attack: Play rough

Who would have thought that a big bad dog like Granball could be dainty, delicate, and soft like a fairy? Okay, it’s none of those things (maybe it has a soft coat, we don’t know), but the gen 2 Pokémon is a fairy-type Pokémon, one that hits like a freight train, so if you’re after a damage-heavy beast, Granbull is your ‘mon.

fairy Pokémon Clefable


Fast attack: Charm
Charged attack: Dazzling gleam

Clefable is one of the OGs when it comes to fairy-tpes, given it’s a gen 1 Pokémon, which means it’s been around since the inception of the franchise. We don’t say how old it actually is. That just reminds us of our mortality. Anyway, in Pokémon Go, Clefable has access to some powerful attacks, one of which is sure to charm your foe.

If you need a helping hand getting Clefable, check out our Clefairy evolution guide, where we explain where to catch and how to evolve each stage of this evolution line.

fairy Pokémon Primarina


Fast attack: Charm
Charged attack: Moonblast

Primarina is both a fairy and water-type gen 7 Pokémon, which means you can create some seismic combinations that make it so the opposition struggles to keep their head above the water. If you go for a pure fairy build with Primarina, make sure you select moonblast for optimal damage, though if you’re after a pure-fairy ‘mon for battle, we think there are better options on this list..

Given Primarina is also a water Pokémon, it’s a good idea to read up on what the water Pokémon weakness is.

fairy Pokémon Alolan Ninetails


Fast attack: Charm
Charged attack: Dazzling gleam

Now, this is one of the most majestic Pokémon ever, and Alolan Ninetales just happens to be insanely powerful, as not only is it one of the best ice Pokémon, but it also holds its own in the fairy category too. You have options here. You can freeze your rivals with your looks or ice blocks. It’s entirely up to you.

To find out how to melt Ninetails, check out our ice Pokémon weakness guide. We go into not only the type’s weakness, but its counters, resistances, and strengths, too.

fairy Pokémon Wigglytuff


Fast attack: Charm
Charged attack: Play Rough

We had to put Wigglytuff on this list (honestly, the woman in charge wouldn’t forgive us if we didn’t), but that’s not to say that the stage three Pokémon doesn’t deserve to be here, because it does. Wigglytuff packs some oomph, and has access to a variety of attacks as it’s a hybrid between the normal and fairy categories. Just watch out, Wigglytuff likes to play rough. Huh, wonder if this is why our editor likes this ‘mon so much?

If you need help in dealing with Wigglytuff, our normal Pokémon weakness guide is a great read.

fairy Pokémon Slurpuff


Fast attack: Charm
Charged attack: Play rough

Slurp up the competition… actually don’t, that sounds like an awkward conversation with HR, but you should still pick Slurpuff as the fairy Pokémon for your team. This charming little ‘mon hits harder than you might think, but more importantly, it can move fast, and speed can win battles.

fairy Pokémon Aromatisse


Fast attack: Charm
Charged attack: Draining kiss

Another formidable fairy Pokémon is Aromatisse, and it happens to be a pure fairy-type, so you know it ticks all those crucial boxes. Furthermore, it has access to a nice range of attacks, many of which can cause some serious damage. Heck, it can drain the opposition’s health for itself – survival instincts, you just can’t teach that.

fairy Pokémon Sylveon


Fast attack: Charm
Charged attack: Moonblast

No, we’re not capable of making any Pokémon list without mentioning at least one of the many eeveelutions, and on this occasion, it’s Sylveon, the unbelievably beautiful fairy-type, but don’t let its adorable nature fool you, as this creature can cause a great amount of damage on the battlefield.

There you have it, the best fairy Pokémon in Pokémon Go. Do you agree with our picks, or are you going to wish for something else? Remember, if you need help fighting these creatures, our fairy Pokémon weakness article can help. We can also help you out with our dark Pokémon weakness, bug Pokémon weakness, steel Pokémon weakness, ghost Pokémon weakness, ghost Pokémon weakness, and electric Pokémon weakness guides.

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