Fairy Pokémon weakness, resistance, and strength

Our fairy Pokémon weakness guide has everything you need to deal with the dark and dragon-defying type introduced in Pokémon X and Y.

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It’s time to wipe the smile off Jigglypuff’s smug face, with our fairy Pokémon weakness guide. Since arriving in gen six, the fairy-type has dredged dragons back down to earth and dealt serious damage to dark types. Still, plenty of trainers don’t know how to take down the elusive fairies, so we’ve put this guide together detailing how to do just that.

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So, let’s scatter a little pixie dust and get into our fairy Pokémon weakness guide.

What are fairy Pokémon weaknesses?

While Game Freak introduced fairy Pokémon to counter dark- and dragon-types, they also helped out poison and steel Pokémon by giving them a new super-effective target. It’s still a small list of fairy Pokémon weaknesses compared to other typings, but if you spot a steel- or poison-type in your opponent’s party, don’t rely on a fairy Pokémon to get you out of trouble.

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What are fairy Pokémon resistances?

As well as being completely immune to dragon-type attacks, fairy Pokémon can resist bug, dark, and fighting Pokémon with ease. So, if you think your opponent might specialise in any of these typings, it’s a good idea to pop a fairy type on your team to soak up some not-very-effective attacks.

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What are fairy Pokémon strengths?

  • Dragon Pokémon
  • Dark Pokémon
  • Fighting Pokémon

One of the reasons fairy Pokémon are so popular is because they hand out heavy damage to three of the most popular typings – dark, dragon, and fighting. Before gen six, many players viewed these types as slightly overpowered, so the introduction of fairy Pokémon helps balance the effectiveness of all eighteen types.

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There you have it, our fairy Pokémon weakness guide, including resistances and strengths. While you’re here, check out another engrossing game world with our Honkai Star Rail review and Honkai Star Rail tier list.