Super Power Fighting Simulator codes – free tokens, gems, and boosts

Boost your stats with our Roblox Super Power Fighting Simulator codes list, full of awesome freebies from boosts to thousands of tokens

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December 2, 2022: We checked for new Super Power Fighting Simulator codes

Super Power Fighting Simulator is a Roblox game that tasks you with training your mind, body, and speed in order to rank up. You’re able to train with friends or go it alone, venture to new islands that take you off the beaten track, and unlock powerful skills to show off your true strength.

For those of you who want to speed up the training process, our Super Power Fighting Simulator codes list can help. Our list gives you thousands of tokens and gems, and occasionally even some handy luck and power boosts. We will update this list frequently with new codes, so bookmark this page and check back later if you can’t get enough

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Here are the latest Super Power Fighting Simulator codes

Active codes:

  • 200KLikes – 20,000 tokens
  • 2MGROUP – 50,000 tokens
  • FROSTLORD – 10,000 tokens
  • WINTERUPDATE – 7,500 tokens
  • HAPPYNEWYEAR – one-hour winter tokens boost
  • FESTIVEBOOST – 15 minute winter token boost
  • ULTRAPOWER – two hours of double power
  • 500KFAVOURITES – 500,000 gems
  • 150MPARTY – three hours of double luck
  • JAKDNOOB – 3,000 tokens
  • JJD7 – 3,000 tokens
  • PIEOVER – 3,000 tokens
  • 150KLIKES – 15,000 tokens
  • REKTWAY – 3,000 tokens
  • XBUTTERFLIES– 6,000 tokens

Expired codes:

  • Gemupdate
  • LightDark
  • Goals
  • 350KFavorites
  • 85M
  • 30KSupreme
  • HolidayPass
  • BOO
  • 75KLIKES
  • HauntedBoost
  • TrickorTreat
  • 300KFavorites
  • BUFF
  • 65M
  • FreePower
  • 50M
  • 65klikes
  • 45MVisits
  • void
  • Poseidon
  • Sky
  • GEMS
  • Anubis
  • Forgotten
  • VEXR
  • Azend
  • 25MVisits:
  • 500KMembers

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What are Super Power Fighting Simulator codes?

The game’s developer, GamesReborn, releases Super Power Fighting Simulator fairly frequently. You can get free tokens, gems, boosts, and much more. We don’t have a release schedule for the codes, but make sure you check back here frequently just in case.

How do I redeem Super Power Fighting Simulator codes?

It’s very easy to redeem Super Power Fighting Simulator codes. Simply follow the instructions below.

  • Open Super Power Fighting Simulator
  • Press the three lines on the right side of the screen
  • Click the Twitter icon
  • Type in your code
  • Push ‘REDEEM’
  • Enjoy your riches!

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