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Switch 2 reportedly delayed until 2025 to beef up release line-up

Nintendo has delayed the Switch 2’s release date until the first quarter of 2025, sacrificing Christmas sales for a stronger game line-up.

Switch 2 delayed: A crying Toadette sticker from Mario Party Superstars pasted on the bright red dock of a Mario red Switch OLED. This console is outlined in white and pasted on a black and white blurred full cast image from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

While we’re desperately hoping that it’s not true, reports claim that Nintendo has delayed the Switch 2. VGC, Bloomberg, and Eurogamer have all corroborated the news of the as-yet-unnamed Switch successor’s delay with various sources from across the gaming industry.

VGC initially reported on Brazilian journalist Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe’s tweet where he broke the disappointing news of the console’s delayed release date. According to Lippe, five individual sources from around the globe all corroborated that the Nintendo Switch 2 won’t be available until 2025 at the earliest.

Since then, both Eurogamer and Bloomberg’s sources in the industry have corroborated the delay, specifying a Q1 2025 release so that it still falls in the 2024 financial year. Although missing the winter holiday market isn’t ideal, Eurogamer says that this move is “designed to ensure Switch 2’s launch line-up features as many titles as possible.” So far, Nintendo’s first-party release schedule for 2024 is looking a little sparse, with only two ports and Princess Peach: Showtime’s release date being of note.

Tokyo-based analyst and CEO of Kantan Games, Serkan Toto said that Nintendo “will still try to keep the blockbusters for the next console, so 2024 might see more remakes of old Nintendo hits.” Maybe this is the year we finally see Wind Waker Switch, Twilight Princess Switch, and Majora’s Mask Switch remakes!

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Of course, all of this is based on rumors and anonymous tips, as Nintendo remains silent about the Switch’s successor. Previously, President Shuntaro Furukawa promised to discuss the company’s future plans after Nintendo posts its March-quarter earnings, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

That’s everything we know so far about Nintendo delaying the Switch 2. First-party releases might be a little thin on the ground, but there are still plenty of amazing new Switch games to look forward to this year. Why not dive back into some ancient ruins by reading our Tomb Raider I-III Remastered Switch review next?