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Where is the Majora’s Mask Switch remake?

Since the Nintendo Switch made its debut fans have wanted a Majora's Mask Switch remake, so here’s what we know about it and whether it’s likely in the future.

Majora's Mask Switch: key art of the video game imposed onto an OLED switch

Nintendo fans new and old are asking where a Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Switch remake is, and are clamoring for any crumbs of information. Well, we have no magical answers, but here’s what we know and how you can play Majora’s Mask on Nintendo Switch – it just isn’t a brand new and refreshed version… yet.

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Here’s how to play Majora’s Mask on Switch!

Is Majora’s Mask on Nintendo Switch Online?

The good news is that yes, Majora’s Mask is available on Nintendo Switch Online. February 2022 saw the game join the roster and it can be played by anyone with a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online, with or without the Expansion Pack. Take a look at our Nintendo Switch Online N64 games guide for all the games you can find on the service.

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How do I play Majora’s Mask on Switch?

Playing Majora’s Mask on Switch is thankfully quite easy. You do need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription – either with the Expansion or without. If you have this already, or when you’ve activated it, simply head to the Nintendo Switch Online app on Switch and navigate to the N64 titles section. Here you can scroll down and pick Majora’s Mask, and follow the steps to download it, along with other titles like Ocarina of Time.

Is Majoras Mask 3D on Switch?

Majora’s Mask 3D is not currently available on Switch, only the original N64 title’s original 2000 release form. 3DS games aren’t on the horizon for the Switch’s back catalog just yet, and it’s dubious if they ever will be.

Given that Nintendo made Majora’s Mask 3D for a console with two screens, it may be that it’s not suited for a Switch version, unlike Skyward Sword which Nintendo released on Wii and used full-size screens.

Will there be a Majora’s Mask Switch remake?

To be clear, we’re just speculating here. Many fans are hoping against hope that a fresh, remade version of Majora’s Mask will release for the Nintendo Switch, but there’s currently nothing to suggest that a Majora’s Mask Switch remake is happening.

It isn’t, however, the most far-fetched idea, given that both The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Link’s Awakening have had Switch-specific remakes. No one knows about the future of the Zelda franchise beyond the Tears of the Kingdom’s release date, so we could get another port or remake within the next couple of years.

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