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Tapping Legends X codes - free boosts and taps

Tap, hatch, and explore, as you gather and upgrade a platoon of purrfect pets in this cracking Roblox experience, with the help of our Tapping Legends X codes

Roblox Tapping Legends X characters in a sunny landscape

September 8, 2022: We added new Tapping Legends X codes to our list!

Dubbed as the ‘ultimate sequel’ to the classic Roblox experience Tapping Legends, Tapping Legends X is a terrific, tapping adventure, full of cute critters to collect, exciting worlds to explore, and much, much more. With heaps of eggs to hatch, a platoon of pets to fuse and upgrade, and loads of secrets to unlock, there are options aplenty – and we’re here to give you a helping paw along the way.

With our Tapping Legends X codes, you’ll be rolling in boosts and showering in free taps, as you strive to become the ultimate pet-collecting, egg-hatching, tapping legend. We update this guide regularly, so be sure to bookmark the page and check back from time to time to snap up even more eggcellent goodies.

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Tapping Legends X codes

Active codes:

  • temple – free vials (new!)
  • hundredthousandbigthanks – free vials (new!)
  • 100kbigmilestone – free vials
  • lab – free vials
  • retro – free vials
  • toy – free vials
  • fantasy – free vials
  • 2mgroupmembers – free vials
  • magic – free vials
  • 90kvialsty – free vials
  • summer – free vials
  • fixes4 – free vials
  • candy – free vials
  • swamp – free vials
  • 80knicevials – free vials
  • 4thjulysteampunk – free vials
  • 80knicevials – free vials
  • 4thjulysteampunk – free vials
  • fixes5- free vials
  • steampunk – free vials
  • 70kepic – free vials
  • sorryfix – free vials
  • tech – free vials
  • 65kthanks – free vials
  • 25m – free vials
  • 50ksuscode – free vials
  • hell – free vials
  • 15m – free vials
  • fixes3 – free vials
  • 40kreallyhotcode – free boosts
  • 30kcoolcode – free boosts
  • 10m – free boosts
  • galaxy – free boosts
  • mines – free boosts
  • 1mgroupmembers – free boosts
  • 20klikesforvials – three damage vials
  • mines – three tap vials
  • 1mgroupmembers – five damage vials
  • bigpoostpack – ten luck vials, ten tap vials, and ten damage vials
  • rainbow – free boosts
  • firsthunt – free luck vial
  • carrot3rd – free tap vial
  • eggluck5th – two luck vials
  • 6thpetindex – free damage vial
  • rewardchest7th – free damage vial
  • sneakysign8th – free luck vial
  • bridgey10th – two tap vials
  • 10klikesthankyou! – free boosts
  • 2ndhunt – free tap vial
  • easterluck – free boosts
  • 5klikes – free boosts
  • update1 – free boosts
  • 2.5klikes – free boosts
  • fixes2 – free boosts
  • 1klikes – free boosts
  • release – free boosts
  • fixes1 – free boosts
  • russo – 250 taps
  • toadboi – 250 taps
  • gravycatman – 250 taps
  • roksek – 250 taps

Expired codes:
There are currently no expired Tapping Legends X codes

Roblox Tapping Legends X characters in a sunny landscape

What are Tapping Legends X codes?

Tapping Legends X codes are cracking freebies given out by the developer, Shiny Star Games, to help you on your tapping adventure, featuring awesome goodies like free boosts and taps.

Shiny Star Games usually releases new codes to celebrate the game reaching specific milestones, such as a certain number of likes or a fresh update coming out. So, be sure to add the game to your favourites and bookmark this page for more Tapping Legends X goodies.

How do I redeem my Tapping Legends X codes?

To redeem your Tapping Legends X codes, just follow these simple steps.

  • Launch Tapping Legends X in Roblox
  • Tap the Shop icon in the right menu
  • Open the redeem codes section of the new menu
  • Type in your code
  • Hit redeem
  • Enjoy your rewards!

That’s it for our Tapping Legends X codes. For more great goodies, check out our Roblox promo codes. We’ve also got a list of the best games like Roblox if you’re looking for something fresh to play.