The best games like Roblox 2023

If Roblox won your heart over, but now you’re looking for more, take a look at our list of the best games like Roblox on Switch and mobile.

Games like Roblox: Steve from Minecraft and two Trove characters, one singing and one with wings, overlayed on a blurred Terraria background.

There’s nothing quite like Roblox. The gaming platform isn’t just one game. Instead, it offers the opportunity to create and play a variety of different experiences online, and even though it’s been out since 2006, over the last few years it’s seen a real boost in players with millions of users now flooding to Roblox regularly. But what if you’re looking for something new? Whether you’re playing on Nintendo Switch or mobile, we’ve got some choices for you with our best games like Roblox list to take a look through below.

We’re not expecting you to stop playing Roblox though, so we’ll continue to provide you with helpful Roblox content. From how to make the most out of Roblox scripts, to the latest Roblox promo codes and free items, to Roblox hacks and handy tips on staying safe, we’ve got a bit of something for everyone to check out.

For now, let’s get into the best games like Roblox.

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Minecraft – Switch & mobile

If you’ve seen our best games like Minecraft list, you’ll know this isn’t the first time we’ve compared Minecraft with Roblox. The main reason is that while Minecraft is a standalone game and Roblox is more of a hub for game creation, both games offer sandbox design with oodles of creativity teamed with a blocky aesthetic.

As we’ve mentioned, Roblox can be compared to a variety of games, because it is just that. Minecraft plays into the crafting and combat mechanics seen in some of the best Roblox games and is a very popular choice when looking at games like Roblox.

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Lego Worlds – Switch

Next up, is a game where you can build with endless amounts of Lego in a sandbox world. If you love exploring and building, then this one’s for you. Much like Roblox, Lego Worlds is fun, and vibrant, and offers players countless opportunities for adventure and discovery.

It’s a great game in the sandbox genre and one that opens up your mind to explore its creativity. Coincidentally, we also have a list of the best Lego games for you to check out for more blocky, creative fun.

Games like Roblox: A screenshot from Cubic Castles showing its multiplayer mode.

Cubic Castles – mobile

Roblox is a game that teaches players to design, build, and play in their creations. In Cubic Castles, you can build your own 3D world using cubes that ultimately help you create defenses, mine resources, and train up troops to protect your world.

It’s a freemium game on mobile that’s also an MMO sandbox on the go, and it acts as a great alternative to one of Roblox’s many, many game modes.

Games like Roblox: A screenshot of KoGaMa featuring the mascot character and an Enderman.

KoGaMa – mobile

KoGaMa is a free-to-play, browser-based and mobile game that once again, encourages creativity. You can create and share the games you make within the platform, from racing to arcade to parkour to survival.

There’s also a sense of competition with each game created on the platform being ranked with likes, it also shows the number of people that have played it. The open-world concept also looks similar to Roblox with the blocky nature and bright visuals and both act as a great way to teach players how to invent new games.

Art from Growtopia showing a small person and a chicken next to a racecar and a tree

Growtopia – mobile

Growtopia is also free-to-play, but with this game, you’re looking at a 2D sandbox MMO from developer Ubisoft. Much like Roblox, there are a bunch of mini-games to choose from and also a hell of a lot of customization to grow your game.

A unique concept in Growtopia is the seed-splicing system, which is essentially crafting that helps you discover a massive range of items. Of course, with all the games on this list, it’s like Roblox, but isn’t exactly Roblox!

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Trove – Switch

Another MMO sandbox is Trove, a voxel-based adventure, much like Roblox, from developer Trion Worlds. And, if you like Roblox for the RPG mechanics, exploration, and combat, then Trove might be a game you’d be interested in playing.

In Trove though, there’s a wide array of different character classes you can choose to play as, from Tomb Raiser to Neon Ninja to Dracolyte. Plus, you can customize your character all the way down to their facial features and hairstyles, making not only the world customizable, but you, too.

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Terraria – Switch and mobile

We’ve also placed Terraria on our best games like Minecraft for similar reasons to its likeness to Trove. Firstly, you’ve got blocky aesthetics. Secondly, the crafting, building, collecting, and combat mechanics are found in all three games. Lastly, it’s just a big old game and there’s lots to do.

Like most of the games on our list, Terraria is also standalone, while Roblox is more of a compendium of choice, but it’s an exciting adventure game full of sandbox opportunities.

A screenshot from The Blockheads, a game like Roblox, showing a character riding on the neck of a donkey.

The Blockheads – mobile

Popular mobile-only game, The Blockheads, gets the final spot on our best games like Roblox list. This indie, like most of the entries on our list, is a sandbox survival with a lot of opportunity for creativity.

Players can build massive structures, take on other blockheads in PVP worlds, and explore the multitude of randomly generated worlds with all sorts of terrain from mountains to forests to oceans. Ultimately, you’ve got to use your skills to survive.

And that’s it for our list of games like Roblox on Switch and mobile. If you’re looking for something a little different, go ahead and browse our list of the best Final Fantasy games and best games like Resident Evil on Switch.