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The Witcher: Monster Slayer friends - a package for your Witcher

Learn how to make some Witcher friends with our handy guide

Someone holding a phone with The Witcher: Monster Slayer homescreen on display

We hope you’re ready. The Witcher: Monster Slayer is here, meaning there are many beasts out there, just waiting to be on the end of a silver sword. It’s time to take up the mantle of a Witcher, long before Geralt of Rivia himself walks the land. Take on contracts and rid the world of ferocious creatures such as griffins, pixies, grave hags, ghouls, and many more foes from the Witcher universe.

In our The Witcher: Monster Slayer friends guide, we aim to inform you how the friends’ system works, and why it’s essential to have your fellow Witchers in your corner, as well as how to trade packages with them. It’s a lonely world out there, and facing ghastly creatures is dangerous. However, having friends could save your life.

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How does The Witcher: Monster Slayer friends system work?

Every player has a Witcher ID. This code is unique to you and is essential to the multiplayer aspects of The Witcher: Monster Slayer. Through this, you can add other Witchers, the more friends you have, the better. Your Witcher ID is found in the bottom-left corner of the screen, and is an icon with three people.

After pressing the button, you find yourself on the friend screen. It allows you to add friends – simply enter their Witcher ID, and hey presto, a new friend stands before you.

Witcher ID and friend section screenshots in The Witcher: Monster Slayer

Why are friends important in The Witcher: Monster Slayer?

Presents! That’s the short, sweet, and simple answer. If you become friends with another player, you can send each other packages, which could be the difference between failure and success while hunting the terrifying beasts that plague these lands. There are various items found in these packages, including monster remains, oils, herbs, and more.

The more friends you have, the better, so perhaps heading over to some community pages is a good idea. Make some new friends and see the materials roll in. Of course, remember to send out packages of your own.

How to trade gifts in The Witcher: Monster Slayer

Sending packages is straightforward. Go to the friends’ menu, and scour through your list of Witchers until you find the friend you’re giving materials to. From there, select their name and then send a package.

And there you have it, that’s everything you need to know about the friend system in The Witcher: Monster Slayer. If exercising while playing games sounds good to you, perhaps you’d like to check out our list of the best location-based games on mobile to find your next adventure.